If you want to read the everyday ramblings of an ordinary English bloke then you’re in the right place. Feel free to comment, like, re-blog, anything you want – just keep it civil.

  1. bublick123 says:

    Hi John

    Just a quick note to say that I admire your blog. I can’t say that I agree wuth everything you say, but I admire your honesty, and your courage to put your views on line. It is a strange old world we live in, with as much inequality in the name of political correctness, as there is honesty, so it is good that you are prepared to challenge the norm. Keep it going, that’s all I can say, but watch out for one or two bullets along the way!

    • johnsalmon86 says:

      Hi there, thanks for the words, I’ll do my best!

      I’m rather glad you don’t agree with everything I say, that would be well boring otherwise! I don’t claim to know everything or have the answers, just trying to add another perspective into the minefield of public opinion. If people agree, great. If not, then I would hope they would challenge me on it, my views are not set in stone, I’m quite happy to discuss and, possibly, change.

      Feel free to comment on anything you disagree with, a good discussion helps keep the mind fresh.

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