Feminists exploit young girls to promote feminism. And they wonder why we don’t like them?!

Posted: October 26, 2014 in Uncategorized

Ever had to force yourself to watch something all the way through even though you desperately didn’t want to? Yeah, happens every so often, though nowadays if I think something’s terrible I tend to just stop watching it. Unless there’s money involved. I sat through two and a half hours of Adam Sandler’s Funny People (the most misleading title in the world) because I’d paid to see it at the cinema. If not I would have gladly stopped watching after half an hour.

Sometimes, though, sitting through painful videos is the only way to get all the knowledge you need in order to truly be able to understand and criticise it. You can’t throw a critical eye or try to analyse anything if you haven’t watched it all, otherwise your knowledge base is not good enough. Sometimes, you have to watch it two or three times in order to really get a grasp on it. That’s what I had to do with that ridiculous Oppressed Majority I took a look at a few months ago.

But there’s a new video doing the rounds at the moment and it’s polarising opinion all over the place. It’s a feminist mouthpiece (of course) that aims to highlight how little we care about women’s issues or how the fact that one little swear word is somehow seen as more taboo than raging sexism against women and girls.

Yep, I’m talking about this delicious piece of feminist buffoonery:


I have no idea who FCKH8 are but, one thing’s for certain, this video they’re promoting like shit makes them out to be fucking moronic.

Oh, disclaimer warning, they don’t see anything wrong with the word fuck? That’s cool, I’m going to spend as much time as possible in this blog calling them fucking morons because fucking morons is about as good a phrase as I can find to describe the fucking moronic idiocy of this video.

Now, I swear like a cunt in most of these blogs, but I’m 28, it’s kind of allowed. Is there something disconcerting about these kids swearing? Yeah, I guess, but I remember when I started to ‘rebel’ and swear I wasn’t much older than these girls, so to remonstrate about that particular fact would be pretty hypocritical. They talk in the video about ‘things worse than the word fuck’, I kind of agree with their assertion – the bullshit propaganda they spout in this video certainly is worse than the word fuck.

Worse still, people are actually buying into it! Not everyone, in fact a lot of people aren’t buying into it but, unfortunately, a lot of people are.

The way I see it, there are 4 key reasons why I think this video is fucking bullshit and why the people behind it are fucking morons:

  1. The swearing.
  2. Bullshit propaganda.
  3. Teaching young girls to hate boys.
  4. Teaching young boys to hate themselves.

Now, point number 1 is pretty easy for me – it’s definitely not the worst thing about this video. Do I like swearing? I actually don’t, which is pretty hypocritical considering I use it in pretty much every blog entry. But, in my everyday life I very rarely swear. I obviously don’t do it in my job (I’m a teacher, have a I mentioned that?) and I generally don’t use swear words when I’m talking to people, unless it’s my best mate. I know some people have really taken the video to task over this aspect but, in my opinion, there really are worse things happening in the world then a young girl saying fuck. That’s possibly the only point I agree with this video on, I just happen to think they’ve gone about it in a fucking moronic way.

2) Bullshit propaganda.

This is what happens when feminism and feminists are allowed to go unchecked. The ‘facts’ presented in this video have been debunked so, so, so many times before that the fact they still persist is, in reality, a massive feminist victory.

I’ve been on the fence before about feminism, I even said in my last blog that I don’t think the entire concept of the movement is flawed. Well, it’s videos like this one that move me closer and closer to just giving up on that last little sliver of optimism I have.

Feminism is poison, I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it, it really is poisonous. What’s more worrying, to me, than these young girls swearing is the fact that they are already being force-fed these lies, because that’s what they are, at such a young age. Can you imagine what they’ll be like in 10 years when they’ve been told they’re nothing but victims?

I’ve heard people say ‘feminism is losing’ and it’s something I massively disagree with. Feminism is fucking powerful. When something ‘sexist’ happens it’s not the anti-feminists that are making the headlines with their rhetoric, it’s the feminists.

Let’s look at Ray Rice, when video evidence emerged of him knocking his wife out it was the feminist movement that basically got him fired from the NFL, forever. The incident was months old but the feminists screamed and screeched until they were blue in the fucking face until he was removed from the NFL.

What did the feminist movement do when Kelly Brook laughed on morning television about punching two of her boyfriends? What did the feminist movement do when Hope Solo was allowed to continue playing international football despite being arrested for domestic violence? They sat on their fucking arses and kept their dirty fucking mouths shut. You think feminism is losing? How can it be when it’s powerful enough to ruin a man’s career?

No, feminism is still massively powerful, which is fucking moronic when you consider how few women actually identify as feminists. One of the greatest feminist tactics is fear. They use it on other people and they use it on themselves. When they don’t like what other people say they label them misogynists, they label them as sexist, they make people scared to say what they really think. On top of that they use false statistics to backup their claims, they manipulate and inflate anything they can get their grubby little hands on to make it sound like they are the poor little victims. They make people scared to criticise them for fear of being labelled as unworthy, inhuman scum.

Then, just to add on another slice of victimhood, they use fear on themselves, they present themselves as scared little cherubs who can’t go a day without being harassed or threatened and they appeal to the good, human nature of people who don’t like seeing people threatened. They victimise themselves on a regular basis and, the worst part is, it fucking works. Professional victims, nothing more.

The propaganda spouted in this video has been debunked numerous times by numerous different people.

The wage gap:


Rape statistics:


Whilst they don’t mention domestic violence stats specifically, they do mention the word ‘violence’ so I thought fuck it right in the arse and included it:


These are the same fucked up, false, debunked statistics that have been the focus of feminism’s public agenda for decades. The problem is that, because of the fact that no-one wants to criticise feminism and be accused of being sexist, it’s insanely difficult for these stats to be dismissed without the people doing it being harassed themselves.

There was a TV show over here in the UK a few weeks ago, I can’t remember the name, but it involved a young man challenging Laura Bates on the domestic violence statistic that allows her to state ‘more than two women are killed every week due to a significant other.’ The actual number for 2013 (I believe, could have been a different year) was 72. Not that that makes it ok , it just means that Laura Bates is a fucking liar.

What happens if every study out there is, in some way, biased or has its own agenda? Well, by accepting the fact that there are different studies, no matter the findings, it at least opens a discussion on these crimes instead of having to stomach seeing the same feminist bullshit being presented as fact.

What was the response? She actually tried to insinuate that trying to get to the bottom of statistics and be completely truthful would, in some way, hurt victims of domestic violence or some bullshit. She basically told him to stop trying to find the truth and just listen to what she says. The crowd’s reaction? They cheered her. They actually fucking cheered her! That’s how much power feminism has, they can literally tell people not to try and look for the truth and they’ll be cheered!

The fact they’ve now recruited young girls into their campaigns leads on to the next point:

3) Teaching young girls to hate boys.

Some of the girls in the video are as young as 6 years old, what exactly are you telling them when you present such a fucking moronic one-sided video? You’re telling them, from the age of 6, that they are and always will be the victims. Nothing they do is of their own accord, it’s always because of sexism. It doesn’t empower young girls, it tells them that there is nothing they can do in life, it tells them they are weak and helpless and need to have their hand held by their Fairy Godmother which, in this case, is feminism. It’s sickening.

These young girls are being told that, at every step of the way, boys and men are fucking them over, taking away what’s rightfully theirs, destroying any sense of identity they might have outside of ‘patriarchal values’ and other bullshit that will ruin them as they grow older. Telling a six year old girl that she will be probably be raped, or that she’ll have to walk to her car whilst constantly being afraid is not a good move, it’s a fucking moronic move dictated to them by a fucking moronic movement.

They’re being taught that boys and men are untrustworthy, sexist, monolithic, rapey pieces of shit. Putting that kind of information, which just happens to be fucking false, in a young girl’s mind is not empowering, it is not done to help them, it is not going to turn them into strong, independent women who can make it in the big, bad world. Instead, it’s going to turn them into whiney, needy, egotistical pigs who will think they deserve special treatment simply because they’re a woman. It’ll poison them, simple as that.

What should we be teaching young girls? We should be teaching them that they can do anything they want if they are willing to work fucking hard for it. We shouldn’t be teaching them to find invisible excuses if they aren’t getting paid enough, we should be teaching them to do whatever they need to do to make themselves happy. We shouldn’t be teaching them that the wage gap is down to inherent sexism, we should be teaching them that the type of career they go into will affect the wage they get. We should be teaching them, you know, common fucking sense.

The use of children in this video is fucking disgusting, not only for the reasons stated above but because it delivers a completely one-sided look at the nasty side of human nature. Women rape, they molest, they abuse, they are capable of being sick, depraved cunts, but this video doesn’t teach girls that, it teaches them that they are not in control of their lives, it teaches them that no matter what they do they cannot take control of their own destiny without the help of a poisonous movement that claims to have their best interests at heart. It teaches them that boys and men will always, always be holding them back.

It teaches them to be victims.

4) It teaches young boys to hate themselves.

Not only does it teach young girls to hate boys, it teaches young boys to hate themselves. It teaches them that it is inherently within their DNA to be sexist pricks who will always hold women down. It teaches them that if they are upset when being called ‘a girl’ than it’s because they’re pricks who think less of women. It’s nothing to do with, you know, not actually being a girl and everything to do with how much of a cunt they are.

This is the side of feminism I despise most of all, the complete denial of men’s issues and, by proxy, the complete removal of male victims of anything. It also promotes the idea of women as completely innocent at all times, guilty of nothing and victims of everything. It does nothing to empower women and everything to hold them down as perpetual victims, way, way more than men ever could.

By outright denying men even have problems, or that women are capable of causing them, it teaches boys that, actually, their problems are no-existent or of little importance compared to women’s problems. It’s worse that this same video claiming to empower little girls is actually demonising little boys. ‘Teach boys not to rape’ what the fuck kind of fucked up, deluded message is that sending to young boys? Telling them to stop raping young girls? That rape is only ever a crime that affects women? What happens in 10 years when that biased, myopic rhetoric leads to a teenage girl raping a teenage boy because he didn’t know how to say no and she didn’t give a fuck anyway? Simple answer is it eats away at him inside. Where can he go? I don’t know, and neither does feminism because it simply doesn’t care.

One sided ‘facts’ are the worst side of feminism. Then they have the temerity to claim they work for men’s rights too, that feminism helps everybody? Fuck off, feminism barely helps women. It’s a pretty weird way of operating a movement that claims to help everyone and then spends the entirety of a 4 minute video demonising and shaming one of the groups they claim to be helping.

Feminism only ever gives a fuck about men’s issues through the lens of feminism. And guess what? Feminisms lens is fucked to shit. Feminism doesn’t care about men’s issues. If it did it wouldn’t use fucking bullshit statistics like this video uses in order to shame and demonise young boys for crimes they haven’t fucking committed!

To be fair to the video, they do include one boy at the end. Does he help draw attention to men’s and boy’s issues? No, does he fuck, he simply accepts as a token male mouthpiece to further promote the fucking bullshit video on another, supposedly ‘male friendly’, level. This is how feminism helps men, it tells them that if they weren’t such Goddamn fucking misogynist pricks then all their troubles would disappear.

Boys and men do not need feminism, they need feminism to get fucked and stop pretending they give a shit. They don’t and the sooner they admit it, the sooner everyone sees it the better this world will become. If feminism gave a shit about men this video would not exist, the use of bullshit, outdated, misleading statistics wouldn’t be used to further a campaign of hate.

But, but NOT ALL FEMINISTS ARE LIKE THAT!! Once again, the ‘nice’ feminists, the ones who aren’t ‘like that’ are not the ones making videos like this. If the nice ‘feminists’ truly gave a shit why are they letting this kind of video go viral, why are they letting their movement, their movement they claim is about equality for all, peddle a video that does nothing for gender relations, nothing at all? Grow the fuck up, stop paying lip service to a phrase that you think shows you care, if only a little, about men’s issues and start being a bit more vocal about the fuckery that is feminism.

I think I’ve reached my zenith, this is the point in which I wipe my hands of being nice, I stop trying to give ‘nice’ feminists the benefit of the doubt. If you want to show you care, stop letting the fuckwits behind videos like this be your mouthpiece, stop them using false, demonising statistics that do nothing but break down gender relations, stop letting them use young girls as tools to push their fucked up, poisonous message, stop letting them depower young girls and present them as lifelong victims.

In other words, stop being fucking feminists and tell them to fuck off. You hide behind feminism, whether intentional or not, because you benefit from its sexism, you benefit from its constant insinuation that men are bad, it allows you to get away with deplorable behaviour because you’re a woman, it teaches you that you only need to play the victim and you’ll get what you want, it undermines real victims of serious crimes with its diluted definitions, it undermines male victims of serious crimes with its ignorance.

Men, we’re better than this, we’re smarter than this, stop pandering to a movement that doesn’t give a single fuck about you. Women, you’re better than this, you’re smarter than this, stop allowing yourselves to be infantilised, stop allowing yourselves to be victimised by a movement that, in all reality, doesn’t give a single fuck about you either. Feminism is a fucking moronic movement full of fucking morons. FCKH8? No, fuck feminism.

Man, rant fucking over.

  1. Would like to reprint this. If you’re interested, drop me a note on avoiceformen.com.

  2. Caleb says:

    I read a few posts and got pretty excited about finding a new blog to follow, but then I saw you don’t like Funny People. So I guess I’m never coming back.

    I liked Funny People, so I guess I have to be a feminist now

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