‘Oppressed Majority’, or, more aptly, the ‘worst-case-scenario’ day.

Posted: February 12, 2014 in Uncategorized

Hopefully I’ve not scared away too many people with that title. You see, a matter of minutes ago I checked my blog to see I had a new comment. I always get a little flutter of excitement when I get a new comment as I’m never sure if it’ll be from a fan or not. Generally speaking, I don’t get many detracting comments, and those that aren’t positive are usually ad hominems so I’m not too bothered. However, this one, posted on my blog about Thomas the Tank Engine (https://johnsalmonsworld.wordpress.com/2013/12/31/thomas-the-tank-engine-you-sexist-bastard/) alerted me to a whole new level of stupidity! I tend to use sarcasm a lot, it’s a particularly British characteristic, but I always forget how badly it carries when written, it’s very difficult to decipher written sarcasm as there’s very little to highlight it, no body language, no tone of voice, etc.

For the future, be assured that if something sounds like it would come from the mouth of a feminist, it’s sarcasm. A lot of the time, I try to make my titles catchy, good or bad, in order to draw people in. Sometimes they’re misleading (like the Thomas one, though I thought I was clearly being OTT with that title), sometimes they’re quite truthful. The point is, a title is a title, it gives an idea on what the entry will be about, it’s up to you to decide if you want to keep reading. All I ask is that you actually do read it before posting comments that make you look rather daft, much like the contributor on the Thomas entry.

So why the title above? What am I referring to when I say something is the ‘worst-case-scenario’? Well, it’s this video that seems to have cropped up recently and is now all over my Facebook timeline (both of them):


Oppressed Majority – a ‘gender-swapped’ film that is supposedly showing all the terrible things that normally happen to women happening to a man instead.

As with anything like this, it’s been roundly applauded by women, and pretty much roundly laughed at by men. It’s hard for me to make any sort of criticism on this video because, inevitably, I’ll be rounded on as a massive misogynist. It’s hard for a man to make any criticism of a woman, let alone a video full of feminist propaganda, without being absolutely hounded. As with most of my blogs these days, I have to draw attention to the baying pack of brainwashed morons who will blindly support any feminist crusade simply because they’re told they should be outraged.

That’s one of my main problems with this video. Women are being told that this video is absolutely spot on for how they are treated in their lives. It’s the ‘average’ day for women everywhere in the world, it highlights specifically what women have to encounter every day. This isn’t one of those videos where women can go ‘well, that’s a little unrealistic, I’ve never had that happen to me’. It’s one of those videos where feminists tell us ‘this is exactly what it’s like, if you don’t share in our outrage then you are nothing but a misogynist, and they have all their brainwashed little cult going ‘yeah’ with arms thrown in the air. I would like to clarify that I, too, have experienced most of the stuff that happens in the film, bar being raped.

I’m going to criticise it from my experiences. I’m a man, I have absolutely no idea what it’s like to be a woman, however, I am a man who knows what it’s like to have been groped, more than once, and sexually assaulted, according to ridiculous feminist standards, so I like to think I have some understanding of the situations highlighted in the video.

It’s at this point I have to admit I couldn’t actually finish watching the film, I found it so full of victimhood and blatant exaggerations that it actually became laughable in parts, which is pretty much the opposite intention. The fact that all the media promote it as an example of ‘everyday’ sexism is what puts me off. The title to this piece is pretty self explanatory, this video, to me, represents the absolute worst of what women go through. Someone on my other timeline posted this, and I commented with a simple ‘everyday?’ Her response was that she agreed that it was exaggerated and, while she had experienced most of the stuff in the film, it didn’t happen in a single day. If that’s the case, if women are able to accept that, while it does portray accurate events, they are not events that happen every day, how has it taken the internet by storm?

I have a theory, and it’s one that I’ve broached before. It’s simply a case of over-saturation. We are told so often, so constantly, that the events portrayed in the video are so frequent, so common that we have no frame of reference by which to hold them, which leaves us with no option other than to accept what we see and get outraged. Because we are so often given one exaggerated side of the story, the female side, told by feminists, without anything to counter balance it, we see exactly what they want us to see – a world in which men live freely and without incident while women are abused every second of every hour of ever day, until the day they die.

Of course, reality is very different, there are women who have never experienced that kind of abuse, and there are men who are abused on a daily basis. Of course, that doesn’t make for good propaganda, hence we have this very myopic view of the world. Somebody on Facebook summed up this video perfectly, and I’m really sorry to that person but I can’t remember your name. They said something along the lines of:

‘This is not ‘everyday sexism’, this is ‘how feminists see men’.

You’ll notice, if you watch carefully, there are very few, if any (I say very few because I haven’t watched the whole video), women (although you have to remember they are playing men in the ‘real world’) who are not total scumbags, from the topless joggers, to the condescending police officer asking for coffee, to the unsympathetic girlfriend, to the violent homeless woman. This is what feminists think of men, they don’t think there are any men worth a damn in the world, they don’t think there are any men who are worthy of being represented well in a film like this. If we see this as an example of ‘everyday’ sexism, as the title suggests, then it implies there are no good men out there at all, on any day of the week, rather we are surrounded by absolute monsters who are just inherently sexist.

Let’s go through the video and see if some of the gender swaps work.

Elderly lady talking about banal things before making “I should be talking to your other half” remark – yep, had that, although it was more along the lines of “what would you know, you’re a man”.

Topless joggers, one offering help – yep, seen men jogging topless. Though, I have to say, if one of your examples of sexism is men jogging topless then your views are already coming across as quite pathetic. If topless male joggers are so oppressive, what do I call the half naked women who used to come to the gym when I was there?

Oppressed ethnic minority wearing a headscarf or other similar attire – Nope, most of the ethnic minorities I come across choose to wear their headgear, no oppression necessary. But then, when has feminism ever really listened to what 3rd world countries want?

Violent homeless – yep, encountered that, not very often but definitely encountered it, a lot of it sexual too, despite the fact it was coming from a man. Never encountered violence from a homeless woman though. Do you want to know why? Yep, because I’ve never seen a homeless woman. Perhaps that could have made it in to this pathetic little clip.

Woman pissing in an alley – maybe not in an alley, but I have seen both sexes take a pee in public, in fact I’ve done it myself, not quite on the level seen in the video, but when you get caught short you get caught short. Typically, men are the ones who seem more reserved when taking outdoor leaks.

Gang of violent girls – Not only have I seen this outside, I’ve seen it in the school I work in. Not to the extent that they’ve raped someone, but walking round in groups of 4 or 5 verbally abusing younger children, sometimes with sexual language, is not uncommon.

As soon as I got to the Police interview I pretty much stopped as I couldn’t watch anymore. As I’ve outlined, it seems to me to be a case of ‘worst-case-scenario’ day, as opposed to any ‘real’ situation.

Reading this interview with the creator of the video gave me something that others seem to have missed out on:


‘’I wanted it to be not so realistic but frightening,’ she says’

So there we have it, right from the horse’s mouth, her intention was not, at all, to create an ‘everyday’ scenario but to deliberately ramp up the effect in order to frighten men. And before you defend her by saying she’s only referring to the rape scene that is completely irrelevant, the fact she admits to exaggerating for effect, even if it was just one scene, then casts doubt on the entire film. If she took liberties with the truth to inflate one scene, how do we know she didn’t with the other scenes?

Another interesting point, this time from the author of the article, states

‘Eléonore Pourriat’s short film imagines how a man might experience a sexual assault in a matriarchal society’

Could it not be said that, with regards to the italicised bit, she is absolutely spot on with this scene, regardless of her intentions? In her attempts to present a ‘gender-swapped’ version of events, she has actually described the exact process through which men go when they have been raped or abused? Without even realising it, she has highlighted one of the major double standards that exist in society – the abused man. While trying to show us how women are rarely believed in society she pinpoints one of the major reasons for a lot of people’s dislike of the feminist ideology. How deliciously ironic that her attempts to show how much of misogynistic society we live in, how much we need feminism have actually proven how much of a misandric society we live in, justifying a place for the MRM.

Commenters on the above article have said that the unflinching portrayal of the women in this film (or in ‘reality’ the men) is one of its strengths, that it gives it strength. I’d counter by saying that is the absolute opposite of what it does. BY ignoring the millions of men who don’t behave like animals and only focusing on the ones that do, by only having men (or in this case the women of ‘reality’) painted as victims you are simply portraying a one-dimensional view of a very complex world. If this video is gender-swapped, then it’s just as offensive to women. It implies that all women are weak and powerless, unable to control anything in their own lives. It implies that they are at the mercy of men at all times, which is simply not true. This is nothing more than a subjective, simplified view of a particularly nasty facet of society.

The same woman who posted this video on my other timeline got a comment from one of her friends (who was a rather big white knight) who, despite saying he too had experienced most of the incidents in the film, said that it’s different when it happens to women due to ‘systematic disenfranchisement’. I told him that that view spoke volumes, and he replied that its best we agree to disagree.

That’s why we can’t have discussions about this kind of stuff, because people are unable to see past their own beliefs and break through the brainwashing and blindfolding they’ve been subjected to all their lives. They see a video like this and simply accept it, because that’s all they’ve been told for years, that this kind of thing is an everyday occurrence. Never mind the fact that it’s completely one-sided, never mind the fact that it’s oversimplified, never mind the fact it’s full of propaganda and its own creator has admitted to exaggerating for effect, let’s simply accept it as truth and commence being outraged.

It wouldn’t be so bad if there was a male equivalent, possibly made by the same person, that shows everything a man goes through, from the implication that he’s stupid, to the expectation to throw himself in front of a woman in times of danger, to the shaming he goes through for being masculine, to the fact that he can be sent to prison on a simple accusation.

Or, better yet, how about we make a joint video that shows how callous both sexes can be, that shows how disrespectful, derogatory and downright insulting people can be, on a regular basis. How do you think that would fare, a video that shows men as well as women being damaged by members of the opposite sex? I don’t think it would go down very well, because people simply aren’t ready, or willing, to accept that they’ve been fed bullshit rhetoric and bullshit facts for life.

I wrote about the vicious rape circle in my last blog, well this is exactly the same but with the overall idea of sexism. If one group has enough influence over the public and has a specific set of ideas, it gives them a massive platform to present those ideas as facts. Feminists claim we live in a sexist society and are able to produce one-sided arguments and examples as proof because nobody wants to disagree with them. They’ve turned misogyny into such a powerful word that being labelled as such can be quite damaging, to the point that others will abuse you whether they know the truth or not. That’s mob mentality and feminism has it down to a T!

So, am I saying I don’t think women face sexism? Of course not, anyone who reads this blog regularly should know that. What I am vehemently opposed to is this idea that feminism, and feminists in particular, hold the monopoly on what is and isn’t sexism and the way they present it to the masses. They further the culture of fear they claim to be wanting to break. They do it because it keeps them in power, allows them to push their own agenda, which is not to do with equality but rather establishing a way of life they they, and only they approve.

Yes, women get catcalled, yes women get raped and sexually abused, yes I’m pretty sure some of them have been hit on by a topless jogger. The point is simple, sexism does not affect solely women, it affects men too. Not necessarily in all the same ways, but it does. What feminists do, and what is clear here, is presented an absolute worst-case-scenario and present it as an ‘everyday’ occurrence, which is simply not true, as women themselves had admitted. What this video does is nothing but present one feminists idea of what all women go through everyday. With no frame of reference, with no accompanying video for men, or nothing within the video itself that shows how vindictive and manipulating women can be we can only accept what we’re given, which boils down to women being too weak to defend themselves, and men being nothing but monsters who prey on those weaker than themselves.

As a man, I think this video is a simple way to further demonise men and promote fear and suspicion in women’s eyes. For women, I think it presents them as pathetic, shrinking violet creatures who are unable to call people out on their actions. It presents a generalised view of all women and asks us to accept it as truth, even though the creator herself has admitted she wanted to present as frightening a situation for men as possible, particularly in the rape scene.

When you have a feminist blatantly admitting she manipulated her work to make it seem worse than it is, and people continue to praise it as absolute truth, you might just learn a little about how feminism really deals with ‘equality’. Here’s a hint, equality is what they decide it is, nothing more, nothing less. Of course, if you don’t agree with them then you’re nothing but a sexist pig that belongs in the middle ages.

Congratulations feminism, you’re playing the victim beautifully.

  1. frankdavenport says:

    Some of the reversals were not that different to real life. Like the man, okay in real life he wouldn’t have been wearing what i guess was meant to resemble a burka, but the idea that his wife had a lot of control in his life? Not much difference…. 😉

    • johnsalmon86 says:

      Absolutely, they seem to think that they can switch genders and everything will be different, they don’t seem to realise there’s a lot of crossover in what happens on a daily basis.

  2. Anon says:

    Typically I like your blogs John, however I think you’re wrong with this one. What if the intention was to show things that may happen to women in general, not one particular woman on one particular day? I didn’t see it as claiming men don’t suffer any discrimination, they do especially in their work place. I saw the video as a way to show men how silly they can look/sound when they’re being sexist not just for being men. I would also welcome a video from a mans point of view.

    “both sexes take a pee in public, in fact I’ve done it myself, not quite on the level seen in the video, but when you get caught short you get caught short. Typically, men are the ones who seem more reserved when taking outdoor leaks.”- I disagree but then I have seen men literally flash their penis around like a trophy whilst peeing, also it’s a lot harder for a woman to be as inconspicuous.

    The topless jogger, well that could be related back to the fact that its ok for a man to go topless but not ok for women, especially with all the breast feeding stigma these days and people complaining about seeing a breast in public.

    I have also seen homeless women, in the street and people close to me so I was upset to see you claim homeless women are basically a myth.

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion however the problem I think is that men are taking offense to this even though they claim they don’t do it. If they don’t do these things then they should be saying well yeah that’s pretty crap and I don’t want to treat anyone like that or be treated like that the same way I look at it and think that’s a crappy way to treat people I won’t do that. And trust me over the years I have been groped, assaulted, had attempts made at bribing me, my job threatened if I wasn’t complicit with sexual advances, been called whore for not reciprocating feelings for men whilst out with friends, been called a whore for being with men, wolf whistled at and screamed at from cars from the age of 14, once even by police officers from a police car, grabbed over the bar by a man where I worked, harassed for hours on end by men at work for ph number. Once I was even told by my boss that if i wore white socks to work once more I would be stripped and tied to a chair in the middle of the stage and covered in food stuff, this was in front of the other male employees, rated by male co workers. And this sexism started when I was about 8 years old when a boy I liked showed me the sex actions with his fingers. None of this is a lie I swear to you and this is just my life, briefly in a nutshell regarding sexism. I am an average looking woman, nothing spectacular and this is generally what I dealt with and many other women do to.

    • johnsalmon86 says:

      That’s my entire point, all the fuss around this video is how it ‘reverses everyday sexism and shows what the world would be like if men went through what women went through’. If it was meant to just be a highlight reel of some of the worst things, why is it being presented that way? as I said, I’ve no doubt women do experience these things but to create a film where there are NO positive role models and, in my eyes, NO real positive female role models is insulting and manipulative.

      I certainly didn’t intend to assume homeless women were a myth, just that I’ve never seen one, and I’ve been to a lot of places. As for taking a pee in public, I’ve never actually seen anyone do it sober, however I have seen a lot of people do it drunk, and men at least tend to try and find a bush, or some sort of cover, women are more like, again in my experience, to just squat wherever they feel comfortable, to the point that I once saw a woman just squatting next to a car in a car park when I was at a festival.

  3. Scribbles says:

    Marvellous take-down. I too could not finish the video, because I was too busy pinching the bridge of my nose in exasperation at how ridiculous it was.

    It would be really, really nice if someone DID do a rebutal video, but the simple truth is, no-one would bother funding it. It’s a little amazing how, despite this patriarchy we are apparently living within, the money, resources and spare time needed to promote a male agenda simply doesn’t exist, whereas the exact same for a gynocentric agenda (basically feminism in a nutshell) will have hundreds of fawning, gushing donors ready to make sure their ‘important’ message gets out there.

    • johnsalmon86 says:

      Thanks, I kind of skipped through the rest of it just to see where it did go, but I can’t say I really know how it ended up. It would be nice if someone did a rebuttal but, as you say, the mere mention of money going towards ‘mens rights’ creates enough of a shitstorm that the idea would be cancelled straight away probably.

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