Welcome to the NEW AND IMPROVED John Salmon’s World.

Posted: February 9, 2014 in Uncategorized

Well, actually it’s only improved. If it was new it wouldn’t be called John Salmon’s world and wouldn’t still have all my articles on it. But that’s beside the point and simply being pedantic.

I realised that the old layout was a) shit and b) horrible to navigate round. If you wanted to try and find any of the older stories, for whatever reason that may be, it was pretty impossible to do without having the patience of a saint.

What I wanted people to be able to do was see the progression of this blog, right from the first post on August 25th 2013, to wherever this blog ends up. I still haven’t figured out how to archive older posts, so for the moment they’re all on the left and menu. Luckily my more recent blogs seem to drone on for ages so there’s more than enough space for them to be visible and not unnecessarily elongate the page.

When I started John Salmon’s World in August last year I didn’t envisage it ending up causing the stir it has. There are so many good writers out there that draw attention to hypocrisy and double standards in society that I never thought I’d ever get myself noticed. It was that thinking that lead me to pick one of the first design layouts for this blog that I found. I have no idea how to really work WordPress and I find it infuriating to navigate sometimes, but as a viewer it works really well and it’s free, so I just picked something quickly and then left it. Seen as I didn’t think anyone would give 2 shits about what I thought I really gave no attention to how people would get round.

Now, after over 5000 hits and 51 (now 52) entries, I decided it was time for a change, to make this blog look more professional, more like some of the other blogs I’ve seen out there, where navigating is pretty obvious and intuitive.

Of course, my Luddite nature with WordPress meant I really had no idea what I was doing, so I put out a desperate plea on Facebook. Luckily, a commenter on this blog, and a friend on Facebook, took pity on me and offered his time to help change it round. Rusty Crayons – I owe you big time, brother! Let me know if you’re ever in Salmon’s region and I’ve got a frosty beverage with your name on it. Go visit his blog and say hi – http://hackthepower.com

Looking back on that first entry, it becomes clear how frustrated I was. The first blog entry was on August 25th, then the next was 3 days later on August 28th. After that there was a good 2 week break before I posted 2 stories on the same day, then another 2 weeks break before the next story. I was frustrated because no-one was reading the blog. It was after about a week of feeling sorry for myself that I realised, without promotion, no-one would even know this blog existed. It was about the time of the Moose Allain blog entry that Exposing Feminism shared on their page that it really began to take off, and the regularity of the entries increased. Since then, it’s been up and up!

For those who haven’t read, I was asked by Bretto of Exposing Feminism if I would be interested in posting my blogs direct to their page whenever I wrote one. Of course I said yes, so you can expect, hopefully, a bit more exposure in the coming weeks.

For now, enjoy the new layout, I know I certainly do. Big thanks to Rusty Crayons again for making it possible and let’s raise a glass to the future, wherever it may take us!


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