I Don’t Need Feminism: Part 2. Come at me, I just don’t give a fuck.

Posted: January 15, 2014 in Uncategorized

I should probably preface this by saying I’m in a fucking foul mood. A truly disgusting mood. Moods like I don’t get in very often, if ever. I’m broken, I’m wounded, I’m worn out, I’m empty, I’ve got nothing left. That in itself makes me more determined, more determined than ever to not roll over, to not give up. This is going to be quite long, and I can’t even claim it to be anything more than the tip of the iceberg.

On my last blog entry (which is technically part 1 and which fucking exploded on Facebook, smashing the record for number of views in one day twice in two days, and being shared over 200 times) someone commented and asked if I’d ever pooled all the shit feminists say about rape culture and the wage gap and other feminist hot topics in one place. I haven’t. I’ve mentioned and refuted lots of stuff, but I’ve not really touched on the wage gap, and I’ve not really addressed the many downfalls of feminism in one place.

So, I thought I’d do that here, while I was in this foul mood, and show people that the popular cry of ‘not all feminists are like that’ is wearing particularly thin, especially with me. I’ll explain why ‘NAFALT’ doesn’t work anymore, I’ll try and explain why, to me, as ever, the whole NAFALT argument is a simple way for individual feminists to claim they are for ‘true’ equality while actually revelling in all the benefits being a woman brings.

I’m going to split all the memes, videos and articles I’ve amassed into different categories of feminist theory, covering all bases, such as victimisation, mistruths, outright lies, manipulation, oversimplification and hypocrisy. This is by no means a comprehensive list, nor do I claim to be an expert on any of the things I put in this particular entry, these are simply things I’ve come across on my journey over the internet.

I’ll give a brief explanation of why I don’t believe ‘NAFALT’ is nothing more than an empty claim. All I had to do on Google was type in ‘I need feminism because’ and there were literally hundreds of hits. I’ve picked out some of the best ones. And by best, I mean the ones that best highlight the pathetic victim culture that surrounds feminism. Is it any wonder people are laughing at the idea of feminism in 2014 when some women are actually writing these things and willingly photographing themselves? No, I don’t buy into the ‘NAFALT’ argument because, if those feminists who spouted those words really cared, they’d do something to counter the ‘minority’, as they claim it, that is ruining what feminism is for them. They claim to be ‘real’ feminists and be for ‘true’ equality, yet I don’t see many feminists joining the campaign to end circumcision, or to get feminist organisations to use real statistics instead of false ones, or lobby for law changes so they benefit everyone, not just women.

But enough from me, for the moment. After each of these memes, articles or videos I’ll try to explain why I’ve included it, I’ll also include a helpful subtitle for each one so you can see what particular facet of feminism I’m talking about. Like I say, this is the tip of the iceberg and there are some memes I wanted to use that I’ve forgotten about, so there may even be a part 3 to this one.

Let’s start with one that the feminists love:




(I was going to edit the comments out, but I think they perfectly sum up my feelings on this one).


(This article will become an entry of its own soon enough)


Just a small selection of how feminists see rape, and that’s not even some of the worst of it, I’m saving that. Basically, though, from the above memes, what we’re told is that feminists, and feminists alone, can define what is and what isn’t rape, and then go on to complain about who is, or isn’t, trivialising rape in our culture. They say we live in a rape culture, they say we live in a culture that teaches ‘don’t get raped’ rather than ‘don’t rape’ and they say we live in a culture that victim blames the raped rather than the rapist. They love to hold on to this idea for 2 reasons. 1) It allows them to hold on to their much loved victim status, and 2) as long as they hold the monopoly on what is and isn’t rape, they can decided just who is and isn’t being raped. If that wasn’t clear enough I’ll spell it out a bit more – feminists decide if men can get raped or not. As it stands, that’s a big fat no.



Now, you might be wondering why I bring this up as, surely, feminism isn’t responsible for everything rape? Well, that’s where you wrong. Rape is like the feminist buzzword. It’s one of the ways in which men keep women oppressed, one of the ways in which men exert their control over women. Every instance of sexual intercourse is rape according to some feminists. Drunk girls who have sex are rape victims, yet feminists say nothing about the male victim, despite the fact he might have been drunk too. They hold the view that women must absolutely be believed if they claim they’ve been raped, and claim victim blaming if someone dares question their testimony. They claim false rape accusations are only 2% of all cases, yet numerous reports over the years have had trouble pinning down an exact number, ranging from 20% to a whopping 60%. Rather than working with law enforcement or government officials to try and get a realistic number and, you know, help real rape victims, they spend their time shouting down anyone who doesn’t pander to their definitions. The laws in England, as they are worded, state a woman can’t rape or sexually abuse a man. Despite feminists screaming for the rape definition to be changed they don’t seem to bothered when it disadvantages men and leaves them out in the, metaphorical, cold.


Ah, one of my favourite feminist tactics. This could be lumped in with any number of other categories: overuse of emotive language, miss-representation, shaming, mistruth, lies, etc. Generally, feminists will take a situation, probably one that could happen to any sex, and then twist it to make out it either a) only affects women, or b) affects women to a much larger degree than men.












You might think I’m being harsh on some of these. After all, why should women be forced to wear make up to please men? Well, as with a lot of these particular instances of victimisation there’s an implied sense that the problem is nothing to do with the person holding the sign. Only 3 female firefighters in your station? I’m sure you posting a picture to the internet is going to help, isn’t it. Instead of moaning on the internet and claiming you need an ideology to help rectify this massive discriminatory oversight why don’t you do some work of your own, try and spread the word of what it’s like to be a female firefighter. Have you ever thought that maybe there’s only 3 in your house because other women simply choose not to become firefighters, or aren’t aware that they could do it. Perhaps your job, instead of wallowing in victimisation, is to do some recruitment. Be positive about it instead of negative.

Wearing make up, wanting a career and a family, struggling to get a job because your degree isn’t worth shit? Life is hard, if you want a career and a family then go for it, don’t moan on and on about it because some people are saying it’s impossible. Look at men. Men, for years, have been the breadwinners, yet their wives claim they don’t put in enough work around the house. That’s the choice you have to make, the compromise you have to make. You can have both, but it’s not guaranteed to be easy, and complaining to feminism isn’t going to make it easy, you do the best you can because you want to do the best you can. You don’t deserve a career and a family simply for existing, you deserve whatever result your effort gives you.



Jennifer Lawrence thinks calling people fat should be banned, then laments the fact that she had to kiss Christian Bale when he was fat. Even if this is tongue-in-cheek, and I’m going to give her the benefit of the doubt here, it’s still a mindless comment to make seen as she recently said calling people fat shouldn’t be allowed on TV. So, Jennifer Lawrence thinks fat-shaming should be banned, but then makes a, possibly joking, comment about a man being fat. Can you see why, even if it was a joke, it was a pretty stupid one. According to her, she shouldn’t have a problem kissing Christian Bale, fat or not.


Girl sucks off a man in public, gets photographed and people troll her on the internet. Apparently, women aren’t allowed to make mistakes without the horrible, misogynous bastards of the internet crawling all over her. This article actually asks the questions if online bullying and trolling are simply ‘womens problems’, casually dismissing the thousands of abusive tweets sent every day to men.

Any, by the way, women can’t make mistakes without it being plastered all over the internet? John Inverdale says hello:


He made a rather clumsy, though well-meaning, comment about the dichotomy of looks vs talent in tennis and the internet, including, of course, the feminist majority, goes apoplectic, calling for him to resign. This is despite the fact that Claire Balding, feminist hero of television, had, a couple of years prior, suggested to a winning jokey that he use his new found fortune to get his teeth sorted out:


Women can’t make mistakes? Well, Nigella Lawson is still in a job after doing drugs, Kate Moss still had a job after being caught doing drugs, Tulisa still got to judge on the XFactor despite blowing her boyfriend on tape, Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian have built careers out of literally nothing. Yeah, I’m sure women have been punished for their mistakes (though, to my knowledge, Claire Balding wasn’t), but to casually claim that women always suffer for their mistakes is completely dishonest.


Mens issues too:

Feminists claim they are for mens issues too. Problem is, they only seem to be for those issues that indirectly help women. They leave the prison system alone, the prison system that sends women down for about a third of the time a man serves for the same crime. They stay quiet on that. In fact, they even have the gall to come out with shit like this:


Some feminists claim they are for mens issues, some don’t. Is it any wonder people don’t know what to believe? I know men who get shamed for being feminists, get told ‘you can’t be a feminist, feminism is only for women’. So how, exactly, does feminism claim to be for ‘true’ equality, or indeed fight for mens issues if it’s ‘only for women’. I’m confused. And articles like this don’t help either:


So yeah, be a feminist male, just don’t expect to be welcomed by half of the movement you associate with, and don’t expect to get much help if the shit hits the fan and you find yourself on the receiving end of a false rape allegation or a beating by your wife.

I’m going to leave it there for this entry, I’ve already ranted on for 5 pages and there are still two important categories to cover: oversimplification/misrepresentation and, possibly the one I’ll enjoy doing most, outright lies and myths. I will aim to get part 3 up by the weekend.

Today has been one of the worst days of my life, couple that with my intense dislike of feminism and the shit I have to see everyday; the perpetual victimhood, the lies, the myths, the manipulation, the oversimplification of something to twist it in to an anti-woman agenda, the shaming, the absolute refusal to see what ‘true’ feminism is about, the mass denial, the hatred, towards both men and women, the pontificating, the superior attitude, the smugness, the one-upmanship and the all round general arrogance has left me teetering on the edge.

Come at me feminists, try and disclaim all this, try and say NAFALT, try and say I don’t understand what real feminism is about. I think I have a pretty good idea of what feminism is about, and if it doesn’t match what you think feminism is about, maybe it’s not me who needs to take a look in the mirror. Right now, I couldn’t give a fuck what you think.

  1. Donald Duck says:

    So you expect to be taken seriously by beginning with a tearful, limp-wristed complain about your life (Oh my god, the feminists are persecuting me, as you can see from this empty comment section), and then you accuse women of playing the victim? You’ve got the MEN-opause, my friend.

    • johnsalmon86 says:

      I must apologise profusely for opening a personal entry on my personal blog with a few sentences of how I was feeling at that particular moment in time. Forgive me. I don’t see how that’s playing the victim, I was pissed, this blog is a place to vent, that intro gave a little context into the reasons for writing this particular entry (As all my blogs do) and the headspace I was in. If I were to do that every entry then you’d have a point, as it stands you’re way off.

      Considering the last 2 blogs have been viewed, combined, over 800 times and shared over 250 times on Facebook, an empty comments section bothers me a lot less than you might think. Comments or no comments, people are reading and sharing, that’s all I care about.

  2. Dude the bitch is most likely but hurt to hell that we have finaly had enough of the bullshit. It is never ending.
    We want to be treated as equals.
    Oh but we want special treatment.
    Oh ban that because it offends me.
    we want equality for both just more equality for women.

    It will never end these fucks are so twisted by there hate that they think men have a grudge against them. If that was the case then why are they not at home getting the shit kicked out of them for starting this movement. They see we oppress them but never tell us how! If they were oppressed then why is it that I have in my 21 years of life ever seen a women stoned to death for speaking out against a man or feminists rallies been met with dogs and fire hoses.

    “No these little bastards are the children that then cries wolf on someone, then mocks them whilst working the water works around the teacher. ”

    They are fucked up beyond repair they really are. Humanists is what the movement should be and thank you for devoting your time to writing here.

    It is equivalent to the evolution vs religion now a days we can show proof and research that what they are saying about rape culture on so on is bullshit but they will say that it is true. Instead of saying you are going to hell for that they say that you are a pig and a rapists the usual shit that fanatics spew.

  3. Dude, you expect your readers to click on links to individual pictures? WTF!?!? Seriously, please figure out how to do inline images. You make it hard for people to take your good points seriously. I’m certainly NOT going to subscribe to your RSS feed if it means clicking on a whole bunch of image links every time I visit your site!

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