Feminists claim women don’t know what feminism is about, while demonstrating ignorance of what feminism is about.

Posted: January 12, 2014 in Uncategorized

I’ve mentioned this before, a couple of times, but there’s a brilliant page on Facebook called Exposing Feminism. It was the first site I liked when I was beginning to come out the other side of the ‘feminist fog’ about 18 months ago. I’ve mentioned before that liking that page was one of the best things I’ve ever done. Well, liking that page, and creating the John Salmon alias, also led me to some other great pages on the same ilk. One of those pages is ‘I Don’t Need Feminism’, a page run by women (yep, women) who, well, don’t need feminism, obviously.

They are 2 of the Big 3 as I like to call them, the triumvirate rounded off nicely by the Anti White-Knight Coalition. I call them the big 3 because they are the 3 pages that I really connected with most and are pages that consistently post excellent stuff. The fact they are constant promoters of this blog doesn’t hurt!

As most of the regular readers of this blog know, I hate the ‘I need feminism because’ memes that are everywhere. I’ve written two (if I remember rightly) blog entries on specific memes that have raised my ire (I’ve mentioned many more within those blogs) because of either the sheer stupidity or the implied victimisation. I hate feminism because of some of the ideas that these memes promote. Things like stare rape are seriously brought up as issues that feminism needs to deal with. Stare rape? It’s like dealing with a 4 year old child sometimes. Actually, that’s quite insulting to 4 year old children. Victimisation is definitely a high priority in feminism.

I also find feminists are woefully unable to enter into anything resembling a mature, intelligent discussion without resorting to outdated, biased, ignorant views or just flat out shaming and ad hominem insults. If you debate a feminist (or try to) and they mention the wage gap, it’s time to shut up and go away. If a feminist believes the wage gap is due to discrimination, rather than the numerous other mitigating factors, it’s time to cut your losses and walk away because you’ve got no chance of winning that battle. When someone is so brainwashed by an ideology that they can’t even be bothered to look at the mass amounts of research available on a given topic, you know it’s just simply that they don’t want to know the truth, as opposed to actually believing their cause.

Anyway, back to the point. The admin at I Don’t Need Feminism, Jess, along with other women across the internet, has responded to the ‘I need feminism because’ memes with one of her own, titled, unbelievably, ‘I don’t need feminism because’. This picture, as far as I’m aware, has been around for a while, I saw it when I first became John Salmon, if not before. It quite succinctly outlines why, in fact, some women do not need feminism, why some women don’t identify with an ideology that is, I think, just as harmful to women as it is to men, despite its many claims to the contrary.

I’m very happy to say that, over the last few months, I have become quite good friends with Jess (the power of the internet, whether she feels the same I have no idea) and have seen first-hand her intelligence and ability to see through the bullshit of modern feminism. Recently, her picture has had a surge in popularity, appearing on no less than 4 Facebook pages over the last couple of weeks, each one garnering thousands of likes and hundreds of comments. It’s brilliant for 2 reasons; 1) it gets more and more exposure to female anti-feminists. That’s not a bad thing, I’m sure there are any number of people out there who would be shocked to learn that there are women who don’t identify with feminism, but there are. 2) It brings forth some of the most ill-educated, ignorant, pathetic excuses for human beings that lurk on the internet. If you want to know how confused feminists are about their own movement, or indeed how brainwashed a good majority of its supporters are, then read the comments on these pages.

Here are 3 screenshots I took highlighting the amount of likes and comments on each page. I tried to keep the title of the page in the shot so you could see where they were posted, but that wasn’t possible on one of them.




And here are the links to two of the pages that posted the picture, just so you can read the comments:



I just want to talk about the responses, because they have been quite animated and, for the most part, a joy to watch. It’s amazing how fun it is to watch people collectively lose their shit because someone does something as simple as disagreeing with them. It’s also amazing that I see, every day, people who disagree with feminism called out as misogynists and all manner of scummy things, yet those who criticise anti-feminism (ie: the same feminists who throw the word misogyny around like confetti) are doing so from a righteous position and are the ones who hold the truth, no matter what others say.

It’s also frustrating that a lot of the comments that criticise Jess’ picture are made by men, men who spout the same ignorant views that female feminists do. As I said earlier, when certain arguments come out it’s time to pack up and go home. There were 3 constants I found in pretty much all of these Facebook pages:

1)      She doesn’t know what feminism stands for, here’s a dictionary definition.

2)      Feminism is what is allowing you to make those statements.

3)      What about women in the middle east, they’re still oppressed.

I in no way have the energy to go through every comment posted in order to try and refute them, so I’m going to try and stick to the 3 points listed above.

1)      She doesn’t know what feminism stands for, here’s a dictionary definition.

There were numerous different versions of this one, some with the helpful inclusion of a dictionary definition, some without, some with a liberal sprinkling of cussing, some without. What they all shared was a desire to cling on to a definition of feminism that probably went out of date 100 years ago.

To be helpful, the dictionary definition of feminism:

  • the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities
  • organized activity in support of women’s rights and interests


To be helpful a bit more, here’s the dictionary definition of wicked:

  • morally bad
  • having or showing slightly bad thoughts in a way that is funny or not serious
  • very bad or unpleasant


Point is, things change. Wicked can still be used in the same way as defined above, but it can now also be used to mean something good, as in ‘man, that film was wicked’. If you stick to a dictionary definition as the sole definer or a word or movement without any acknowledgement of the fact that words and meanings change over time, it leads me to believe you actually have no counter-argument that is of any substance. By resorting to dictionary definitions, definitions that have significantly changed, means you are playing it safe. With no willingness to debate what feminism actually does men in 21st century Britain (or America as the case may be) then there’s absolutely no way for you to discredit anything Jess has said on her poster. You can’t say “this woman doesn’t know what feminism is about” and then, when asked “what is feminism about then?”, resort to say “well, the dictionary says…”. How pathetic does that sound? Until you are willing to debate what your movement means, and are willing to stop the metaphorical hands-over-your-eras-nah-nah-nah-I-can’t-hear-you-response then you have no right to state who does, or does not, understand what feminism is. I could break down what I think feminism in 21st century Britain is all about, but I think I’ve already made that clear enough.

2)      Feminism is what is allowing you to make those statements.

And Robert Peel is responsible for creating the English police force, which has allowed me to aid in getting people arrested for breaking in to my house (I was burgled twice at Uni). Does that mean, nearly 200 years later, I’m not allowed to criticise the police? After all, if I criticise the police, who will be available to help the next time I get burgled? It’s a daft sentiment to hold on to. Just because something was helpful in allowing something to happen, doesn’t mean it is exempt from criticism or debate. Lots of things have happened that have benefitted me in some way, surgical advancements, medicinal advancements, educational advancements and reforms. Without a government funded bursary I would never have been able to afford to become a teacher. Does that mean I can’t criticise the Government?

I understand where they’re coming from, I really do, who would want to criticise a movement that helped so much. But, here’s the thing, feminism is in no way solely responsible for the entire progression of women’s rights. It played its part early on, but without the aid of other people and other groups, feminism would never have made the ground it made solely on its own merit. I go back to the metaphor of blue and red items I mentioned in a previous blog (What about the boys? From December last year), we are constantly told the suffragettes fought and died for the right to vote and other such rights. What is conveniently left out is the amount of people behind the scenes who possibly contributed just as much to the granting of female suffrage. What also seems to be airbrushed from history is the fact that, not only did men in wartime Britain lack the vote, young men were shamed into fighting in the war by the suffragettes. Yes, feminism has played it’s part in history, in the role of womens suffrage and womens rights, but to claim that that makes them exempt from criticism as if they are some special society is a ludicrous idea. I posit that we actually need to be able to criticise feminism, otherwise what happens when some of ludicrous statements on the ‘I need feminism because’ memes actually start happening? When do we know when its gone too far?

3)      What about women in the middle east, they’re still oppressed.

This is a prime example of feminist confusion and hypocrisy. I’ve heard feminists say that their battle is not in the middle east, I’ve heard feminists say that the fact women are oppressed in foreign countries justifies the need for feminism in their country. Foreign countries are a sore point for me. It goes back to the red and blue item test (again), perhaps that metaphor is actually more applicable here than it was in the original blog I used it in. We are told so often, with such vehemence and certainty of the atrocities faced by women in the middle east that we a) never consider how the women themselves feel, and b) how men in those countries are affected. I know for example a lot of memes and posts I see about India are all to do with the misogynistic nature of the country, and how rape is prevalent and men are animals, yet I’ve seen and read things that suggest men get just as raw a deal in that country, only in different ways.

 It boils down to the first question again, what is feminism about? I truly believe that feminists believe what they are told to believe. Even the ones who aren’t radicals, even the ones who claim to be ‘grass-roots’ or everyday feminists. They are told that women are oppressed, the result being that instead of doing some research and finding out for themselves just what is going on, they readily believe it. They’ve been indoctrinated for so long, told that feminism is the righteous path, the only path for them to go down for so long that they aren’t willing to accept anything different.

Having read some of the comments on the pages that shared Jess’ photo, and indeed some of the womens rights page scattered around on Facebook, I think Jess has a much better idea of what feminism is about than those who claim to follow it. Feminism in 2st century Britain is about victimhood, it’s about triviality, it’s about mistruths and manipulation, lies and deceit. Any time a feminist says feminism is about equal rights for men and women it just proves to me that they actually don’t know what they’re talking about, they don’t know what feminism has turned in to. If they are unwilling to explore other avenues, unwilling to admit that, perhaps, feminism isn’t about equal rights at all, then all they are doing is allowing themselves to be fed the same lies over and over again. Believing anything you are told because it helps you to confirm your beliefs in feminism, because it helps you to justify the movement you are part of, allows you to blame others for perceived injustices that don’t actually exist, allows you to benefit from benevolent sexism while at the same time decrying it when it benefits someone else means you are a confirmation-bias loving, perpetually victimised victim of a poisonous movement. It does not make you for equal rights, it makes you a brainwashed, blind fool of a sheep.

Having said all that, I suppose they have a point, in some way. Feminists who believe the wage gap is due to discrimination, feminists who believe the 1-in-4 rape statistic, feminists who believe the ‘rule of thumb’ is about a man legally being able to beat his wife, feminists who actively endorse these ideas without the slightest desire to do even a modicum of research actually have a brilliant idea of what feminism is about, they either just don’t see it or choose not to see it. Either way, it’s pretty sad.

Here’s a tester. Have a discussion with a feminist by starting with the words ‘feminism is not needed in 2014’ and see what happens. If they mention rape statistics, the wage gap, the rule of thumb, domestic violence statistics or patriarchy it’s time to pack your bags (metaphorical or literal) and leave.

Getting a feminist to open their mind to alternative thoughts is like trying to turn a cake back into its constituent ingredients, they’re spent so long mixed together that it’s impossible to return them to their original state. Feminists are so in awe of their movement, so ready to believe how victimised they are, so ready to believe how an ideology can help them that there aren’t willing to let that go. Every time they cry they are pandered to, every time they kick up a fuss they are pandered to, every time they scream about not getting their own way they are pandered to. Maybe I wasn’t too far off when I referred to them as 4 year olds.

I still think that’s insulting to 4 year olds.

  1. Alex says:

    Loved it. I’m just curious though, have you written anything that gives tips or sources on rebutting arguments such as the wage gap, rape statistics, etc. I’ve been made aware they’re quite fallacious arguments, but I don’t have any sources to back myself up when I tell them they’re wrong.

    • johnsalmon86 says:

      Thanks. At the moment I don’t have one article containing all the myths and mistruths feminists like to go on about, but I’m planning on doing something soon, perhaps in the next week or so, that will bring together a top 5, or something similar, of feminist moans that are unfounded.

      I’ve written blogs addressing rape culture, domestic violence and have touched upon the wage gap without actually going in to it in detail, so read around and see if anything is of help to you.

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