One big happy family.

Posted: December 8, 2013 in Uncategorized

Not one of my usual blog entries today, don’t worry I have more on the way, but something a little different today.

When I created this blog at the end of the summer, I had no idea that it would take off the way it has done. A lot of that has been thanks to the inexhaustible support I’ve had on Facebook from people and pages that have taken the time to promote the blog time and time again. Without their time and effort this would all be meaningless. So thank you.

I was recently contacted by Jim Byset who’s an editor at the site He asked me if I would be interested in doing a guest article for them on my experiences of feminism in England. I agreed and the finished article can be found here:

I’m very proud and overwhelmed to have been asked to contribute, and will do so for as long as they allow. This blog will continue to be updated, I’m not going to lose focus on where I started. I love writing this blog, the reactions and feedback I get, both positive and negative, is what keeps it going. Every time I think I’m taking a step backwards, or something crops up that challenges my beliefs, I find a way to work through it, and this blog is a huge part of that. If I find my time is being stretched too thin I may have to consider my options, but for now, I’m happy to continue this blog and contribute to

I’ve also been asked to share an open letter from Erin Pizzey. I’ve written about domestic violence before (indeed, the article above is about domestic violence) and I’m certain I’ll be writing about it again (in the very near future I think), so this is a letter that I am more than willing to share:

Please, read it and consider that Erin Pizzey opened the first shelter for battered women. If she can see the inherent hypocrisy within feminism, then I think it’s something worth listening to.

I also realised recently I harp on about Facebook a lot and never actually provide any links to my profile:

Feel free to add away.

Until next time.


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