Feminism: if it’s war you want, it’s war you’ve got.

Posted: November 27, 2013 in Uncategorized

I said in my previous entry that this blog would continue as long as feminism existed. I knew I would be back with another entry before the end of the week, I just didn’t know I’d be back this quickly, or with something that so perfectly demonstrated the feminist victim complex. As it happens, this particular meme dropped straight into my lap, or, more accurately, straight in to my Facebook feed.

I also said in my previous blog entry how the internet was the tool that allowed me to exit some dark times in my life, and it’s doing a great job of keeping that darkness away. Every time I think we’re losing the battle a little more, I see responses and comments from my 101 ‘friends’ that drive me further from the abyss, comments, from men and women alike, that are logical, truthful, well researched and so full of well-reasoned arguments that it’s hard to find any fault with them. There are so many pictures, videos, memes and general ignorance-pushing sites and pages on the world wide web that sometimes it’s hard to forget all the good that is being done.

This is the focus of this particular entry:


It popped up on my timeline today, and immediately this blog was pretty much writing itself, thoughts swirling around in my head like the clearest fog I’ve ever seen. Sometimes it’ll take a couple of days after seeing one of these ridiculous memes before I can really formulate a cogent response, a response that actually makes sense and addresses everything I want it to without coming across like the ravings of crazed loon.

So let’s get straight to it. I’m going to ignore the headline, Hell Hath No Fury, simply because I want to get into the four bullet points but, suffice to say, this meme directly implies that only women have been affected by whatever draconian laws this meme is talking about.

You see, it’s so general and non-specific I don’t even know what it’s talking about. Is it an American meme, and English one? There’s mention of an election day but, to my knowledge, there’s no election coming up in either country, so does that mean it’s European? South American? I have no idea. I’m going to assume the overall vagueness of the whole thing is intentional, the idea being that it can be trolled out whenever there is an election coming up, sort of a ready-made-victim-complex-promoting meme from some sort of cache of memes that are ready to be hand-picked by whichever bitter feminist desires.

So, for those who haven’t heard the intro phrase, it goes like this: Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned. Basically, don’t bitch with women because, when shit goes down, Hell will seem like the comfiest holiday camp you’ve ever seen. If this is indeed a bitch at whichever government happens to be in power it automatically plays the victim by directly implying that only women are affected by whichever laws are in place. Seen as there is no specific, identifiable country to which this applies, my sympathy-ometer is already faltering.

On to the first bullet point: ‘You have limited my access to crucial women’s health services’. Seriously, that’s it? And what exactly would those ‘crucial’ health services be? You see, with no specific country or government named as the recipient of this meme it’s hard to know where to go to refute it, so I’ll just do it generally. If we take ‘crucial’ to mean things like breast cancer, well breast cancer research receives a fuck-ton more public and private funding than pretty much any other cancer, even prostate cancer, which affects more men per yar.


You have an entire month dedicated to raising breast cancer awareness and, in the UK, you have The Race for Life, a women-only (how about that for some discrimination) event that raises money for breast cancer research. Totally limited.

Men are fighting back though, Movember is getting bigger year on year, so at least people are beginning to see how important prostate cancer is, right? Right? Ah, well I forgot this is a world inhabited by feminists, and they just can’t let men have their own way of promoting things:



Yep, Race for Life is totally not discriminatory, but a bunch of men growing daft moustaches to raise money to research one of the deadliest cancers is totally evil. And not just that, but let’s acknowledge Movember before casually dismissing it and writing an article about what one set of parents does throughout November. Yep, just ignore the growing worldwide phenomenon and focus on one family. Totally cool.

And what about this Irish website that states smear tests that screen for cervical cancer are free:


That’s totally limiting isn’t it.

You see, there’s every chance that, wherever this meme comes from, ‘crucial’ women’s health services are limited, but with absolute no identifiable information to suggest where that country may be there’s absolutely nothing of any worth. Breast cancer receives more than double the funding of the male equivalent cancer, smear tests are offered free for women between 25 and 60 and mens attempts to raise awareness of cancer is marginalised and dismissed. Should we not be angry too?

On to point two: “You have vilified and punished me and my children because I am a single mother.” It must be so hard having 100% access to your children while being able to so easily deny the father any rights at all. Then, to add insult to injury, you get to claim child support which, for all the father knows, will go on new shoes and not the child. That’s if the child is actually the man’s you claim it to be. If you wanted to, you could cheat, get pregnant, divorce your husband, tell him the child is his, wait 2 years, admit it’s not and he would still have to pay child support and alimony. If the demands are too much for him to manage, well you can just call the police and have him sent to jail. And you claim you’re being vilified and punished?




Point number 3: “You have tried to redefine rape in an effort to reduce my access to abortion services.” For this one, I’m not entirely sure what they’re trying to say. Are they saying that if you’re raped you can’t have an abortion? I don’t get it. Abortion is legal in the Uk as long as it’s before 24 weeks, it would appear it’s legal in the USA:


So, if abortion is, in fact, legal in both the US and the UK what does re-defining rape have to do with it? Surely if you get pregnant through rape the service is available for you to have an abortion? Again, I must be missing something. Either I’m completely ignorant of this particular point or the third bullet point in this meme  is so inexcusably false that it simply being made up to try and perpetuate the victimhood complex.

And lest you think I’ve forgotten, if we’re going to talk about re-defining rape laws, let’s spare a thought for the male of our species. It took over 80 years for the FBI to change their definition of rape:


But do you know what’s still sickening? The fact that, even after 80 years, the rape law still allows women to rape with impunity. See, as much as that article claims the new law accounts for male victims, it really doesn’t do a good enough job. The new definition counts for all types of penetration, orally, vaginally and anally, but mentions nothing of envelopment, of forced penetration. There’s still no way for a woman to, legally, rape a man, despite the fact that there are numerous stories of it happening. If the only thing that stops a woman raping a man is the wording of the law do you not concede that the re-defining of rape in fact hurts men more than it hurts women? If abortion access is as available as my research suggests then, perhaps, it is not as sore a point as this meme makes out.

Point 4: “You have publicly ridiculed me, and called me names to get me to sit down and shut up.” I honestly can’t refute this one, not because I concede the point, but because I don’t know where to start. There’s absolutely nothing that suggests any evidence. While that’s true of the whole meme, there’s absolutely no evidence throughout to back up any of the outrageous claims, this particular point is screaming out for something to help give it credence. Who has ridiculed you? How have they done it? What have they called you? Why would they want you to sit down and shut up? This could be about anything, you could have been an utter douche who deserved to be told to shut up. With absolutely nothing to suggest what/where/why/when these things happened there’s absolutely no way I can take it seriously, absolutely no way I can try and counter it. I could be here all day thinking of possible scenarios in which she has been shot down and publicly shamed, and I could still get it completely wrong. So I’ll leave it and that and move on to the closing argument.

“You have declared war on me and the people who love me. On election day, it is a war that you will lose.”

Them there be fighting words. Well, they would be if I knew what election they were on about. Generic election day? Someone must be able to help me out. No sources, no justification, no examples of what they are claiming, and then, to top it off, some random mention of election day. If it’s alluding to a past election well, guess what, all the links I provided are still valid. Smear tests are free, breast cancer receives more than twice the funding of the comparable male cancer, rape laws allow women to rape with impunity and have been expanded to allow women to claim more acts as rape, alimony and child support payments, along with custody rights, inevitably go to the mother, even if the man they are claiming payments from is not the father. If he falls behind, guess what? That’s right, he goes to jail, again even if the kid isn’t his.

You could argue that I’ve missed the point by picking links from different countries. Well, I’ll counter that by saying that, without any single identifying feature of what country this meme is talking about, I am not going to be able to pin it down specifically, so taking a range of info from around the world just means I can try and refute this meme in numerous ways.

The galling bit is the last sentence. War? A war on women? You have the cheek to create that meme saying a war has been declared, when it’s clear that there really is no war. There is barely even a battle. Typically feminist victim complex, they highlight all the atrocities they see committed against their sex with no single shred of evidence, nothing to back up their claims, not even an anecdote that, while pretty much a non-starter, would at least have given some form of context to this whole thing. As it stands, this plays off as a very whiny, entitled child who has decided it’s not fair because they think they’re being discriminated against for the gender.

You think there’s war against you? Try telling that to the man who goes to prison for not paying child support to a child that isn’t his. Try telling that to the thousands of men who develop prostate cancer, only to find out their disease isn’t as funded as breast cancer, despite being just as deadly. Tell that to the man who was drugged and raped by a woman, only to find out the worst she can get charged with is sexual assault. Tell that to those men and see how your pathetic victim complex is received. You create a war to gain sympathy, you falsify your suffering  and present it as truth, clamour to gain the special privileges you already have, monopolise something as deadly as cancer by promoting your own fundraiser and suppressing anything you don’t happen to agree with.

To feminists out there, there is a war, but it is not against you, and it is one that you will not win.


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