Circumcision: just a trim please.

Posted: November 9, 2013 in Uncategorized

I said in my entry about victimhood that I had a few memes I wanted to talk about. Well, every day it seems another one crops up, then another and another. I could spend my entire life writing in this blog about different memes and my takes on them. I can’t do that, 1) because I have a job and 2) it takes ages to write these blog entries, I don’t want to waste the little free time I have sat square eyed in front of a computer screen developing carpal tunnel syndrome from typing too much.

So what I’ve decided to do is focus on the ones that seem to elicit the most emotional response. If there’s one that rankles me in particular then I’ll make an exception, but otherwise I’ll stick to the ones that seem to rile people up the most. It’s quite fun sometimes, watching people go apoplectic with rage or indignation at a picture. It’s also humorous, though also slightly worrying, the rate at which people will either laud or condemn certain pictures, regardless of truth, logic or context. Memes elicit an emotional response from most people. Sometimes that response is justified, other times it is so blind and unwavering in its support as to make the holder of those comments seem a little misguided. Problem is, and I’ve mentioned this before, that blind ignorance is shared by a lot of people. Maybe not enough to start a revolution, but enough for the idea to pervade the social conscience and, regardless of how manipulative, vindictive, untrue, amoral or utterly repugnant the message is, it slowly winds its way into people’s brains, slowly infects and takes over, like a symbiotic nightmare.

One issue that I’ve seen growing in prominence over recent weeks is the opposition to male circumcision. Circumcision has been around for a long time, it’s pretty much been accepted as just one of those things that happens. Some men are circumcised, some men aren’t. For years, we were told that there were numerous beneficial reasons for it to happen – cleanliness, religion, helps reduce infections and risks of STD, reduces risk of AIDs, etc. However, more recently there seems to be a lot more people who are against it, a lot more people who are beginning to see that, actually, we’ve been lied to all these years. The evidence claiming all the benefits of circumcision is slowly being replaced by evidence that suggests the exact opposite. Aside from loss of sensitivity, circumcision is painful, has no identifiable benefit in reducing risks of catching STDs and, perhaps most importantly, is barbaric in its performance. Strapping baby boys onto a table, with very little or no anaesthetic, and then slicing into their genitals is something that we shouldn’t let happen. The obvious equivalent to male circumcision is female circumcision. The funny thing is, female circumcision is more often than not referred to as Female Genital Mutilation. So, a process that cuts a part of a baby boy off is called circumcision, whereas the equivalent surgery in girls is called mutilation. Seems fitting, right?

Now, I don’t mind telling you all that I’m circumcised, I’ve already written a blog entry all about my cock so I hardly think I’m crossing any boundaries. Thing is, I was so young when it happened I have no recollection of the event. I’ll admit, I know the process is barbaric, everything about it just seems so out of place and without merit in a modern, western society but, for some reason, and I know I should be outraged because it affects me personally, I don’t feel any major emotion about my circumcision. I don’t remember any pain, I don’t know if I’ve lost sensitivity as I was so young when it happened, I don’t feel like I’m missing out during sex because I’ve had it done. I do remember it being painful when the stitches came out, but that’s it, nothing more.

That’s not to say I agree with it, I absolute don’t, I find it as heinous and barbaric as every other sane, rational person, but the fact I’ve been circumcised should give me some level of empathy, a level on which I can join in with people in my condemnation. But I can’t, I’ve been circumcised but, because my experience was so long ago and my memory of it is so infinitely small I can’t dredge up any emotion on a completely personal level. It’s almost as if I don’t share the feelings and emotions that everyone else has. It’s a horrible, horrible thing to force on a young baby but, for me, I don’t feel like my life has been impacted by it in any way. It’s such a weird thing to feel. I should be able to feel the pain of those poor baby boys, but I can’t. I don’t know how to cope with that.

Then, I read reports about baby boys who have had their circumcisions go wrong, leading to deformation of the penis or, worse, death. Baby boys losing a sense of their identity at a young age, or sometimes even their life, for an operation that, even in 2013, is surrounded by controversy. How can I, someone who has gone through this procedure, just sit here and act like nothing’s happened. I went through this, I must have suffered the pain, I must have shared the anguish these poor boys go through, yet I can’t remember it and, therefore, my emotional connection is completely gone.

Just to go back to FGM. FGM is widely condemned by people all around the world. It’s perverse; it’s rotten, something done in unsanitary environments by people who think they know what they’re doing. Thing is, it is widely condemned, people do speak out about it, there are numerous groups who lobby for its abolishment, and yet people (and by people, I mean feminists) still claim that nothing is being done. It’s the same old story, something that affects women is promoted to the top of the list, it’s something that must be fought, it’s something that needs to be stopped, repeat ad infinitum. What they fail to do is see circumcision as an equal evil. Of course they don’t, because that would require them to consider that they aren’t the only people in the world who face hardships.

What they do do is routinely denigrate those who claim circumcision is a real problem, they laugh it off like it was nothing, they post on websites proudly stating they will circumcise their sons given half the chance, sometimes they proudly claim they’ll do it with the express reason of reducing their sons sexual sensitivity later in life, all because patriarchy. How fucking insane do you have to be to mutilate your own fucking child to prove a point. How self-serving that you would put anything before the safety and wellbeing of your own fucking child. It’s sickening, and people claim feminism is for equal rights? You tell me how it is right, in any part of the world, let alone the developed fucking west, to proudly boast about cutting of a part of your own child’s body because you want him to suffer for crimes he hasn’t committed, and probably will never commit, or some imagined, mythical social system that inherently benefits him just for having a penis, a penis that you are more than willing to mutilate. I can only hope that these pathetic, vile, ugly, evil creatures never breed.

To make it worse, which group is going around screaming slogans like her body, her choice? Yeah, I don’t even need to answer that. It’s sickening. When it’s a body issue that affects women, well then that’s fine and dandy, let’s organise a movement to go and fight for the right, after all, who’s decision is it to have an abortion? It’s only the woman’s, surely? OF course, that’s what they want you to believe.

I know I’ve ranted on for ages already, but I want to show you the absolute hypocrisy about this whole issue. First of all, a conversation I had on Facebook with a woman. Originally the conversation was about something completely different, then this stupid witch decided to lump men’s right issues together and laugh them off:

Yep, complete non-issue. My sarcastic retort to her was met with the absolute lack of intelligence I would expect from someone who has already made up her mind. Even when I pointed out that my sarcasm had whizzed right over her head she continued unabated. I ended up writing a rather long post in reply, being deadly serious this time, to which I have yet to receive a reply. Nothing unusual there.

Fair enough, that’s one stupid idiot who’s dumb enough to lump all men’s rights into one category. But, that’s where you’re wrong. It’s not just one person, it’s entire Facebook groups, as shown by the absolute muppetry below:

The middle point, I’ll type it out:

My husband (who has a penis) decided to go with circumcision. I left it up to him as I do not have a penis myself. ß——–implying having a penis supersedes the judgement/opinion of someone without a penis. Also, internalised oppression.

What? So, let me get this straight:

But only when it applies to her. Not my body, my choice? How very enlightening. If you have a womb, only someone who has a womb is allowed to comment on what happens to that womb. But, if you have a penis, then everybody should be allowed to have an opinion, otherwise it’s ‘internalised oppression’. I’m confused, and not for the first time. Every time I see once of these feminist memes I get confused.

So, I’ll try and clear this up. If a man has a penis, everybody should be allowed to have an opinion on whether they get circumcised, otherwise the implication is that having a penis supersedes everyone else’s opinion. It’s also oppression if people without penises aren’t allowed an opinion? Right, think I’ve got it so far. But, if a woman gets pregnant when she wants to, anybody without a womb is prohibited from having an opinion or making a judgement because it’s her body, her choice. No implication of oppression there, just a simple black and white fact. Penis = let everyone have a voice, womb = only womb-owners should have a say, and even then, if you’re doesn’t correlate with our voice, then you’re wrong.

Right, I think I’ve got it now. But, wait..if that’s the case, how am I supposed to explain this:

What the fuck?! Seriously, I give up. It seems this entire argument changes on a daily basis. Look at the group it comes from – Feminists for bodily autonomy. Even feminists don’t know where they stand. They can turn the idea of circumcision into a form of oppression in one sentence, advocate her body, her choice in another, and then claim the only person who has any say in what happens to their genitals is the owner of the genitals themselves, male or female.

So, let’s try and clear this up – circumcision is still widely accepted in society. However, the previously accepted health benefits are now being discredited and people are stating that it, in fact, isn’t as beneficial as we once thought. In fact, it’s completely unnecessary and actually causes more deaths than the supposed diseases it protects against. So, there’s a good thing, awareness is on the up, more people are against it. But then the feminists wade in, stating it’s a ‘non issue’ and effectively downgrading it as a problem because it’s something that only men face, which inherently makes it part of patriarchy and some unseen privilege that men just can’t see because they’re so engulfed in it. They say that everyone should be able to have an opinion on circumcision, because anything else is internalised oppression. Yet, they then claim that the only people who should have any say on what happens to their body parts is the owner of those parts, including penis owners.

Here’s the kicker, though, they also say that the only people who should have an opinion on abortion are those who it affects, no ambiguity about that one. So, so confusing. I’m pretty much just going round in circles just trying to explain it. I can’t.

I oppose circumcision. If you can provide me with evidence that outright states it’s a necessary procedure that has provable health benefits I may concede, until then I will not listen to your stupid claims about it being a non-issue. If it’s a non-issue then so is abortion. Woah, did I really just say that?


The opportunity to stop needless, painful circumcisions of baby boys who have not given their consent?

Too fucking right I would vote differently, you stupid, patronising, blind, ignorant, deranged fuckwits.


EDIT: I finally got a reply on Facebook from the lovely woman who claimed circumcision was a ‘non-issue’. I’ve included the screen cap below, along with the post she’s replying too. Plus, as a bonus, another reply from another Facebook group. Funnily enough, the responses they both gave were entirely predictable.


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