Feminism has fought no wars, etc, etc, etc, *yawn*

Posted: November 3, 2013 in Uncategorized

We all know feminism as a movement has made some pretty outlandish claims. They have no absolutely no qualms about using old or unreliable statistics, they have no problems with spouting hypocritical rhetoric and they are unusually fond of making themselves out to be the victim of every little social injustice in the world while quietly ignoring everyone else’s problems.

This blog will be a fairly short one, as the next 2 or 3 will be. What I want to do is take some of the more popular memes that I’ve seen recently on feminist pages on Facebook and around the web and just analyse them a little bit, apply a little logic, some truths and, ultimately, just show how little the feminists know about their own movement. I already looked at one particular train of thought in a previous blog (how feminists love playing the victim) so that particular meme won’t make an appearance here.

This is a good place to start though:


Now, I would like to qualify something – I am totally unaware of the origins of some of these pictures, so all I have to go on is face value. I thought about researching them further, but then I decided not to, for one very good reason. These memes have been specifically designed to carry the information they do. The quotes have carefully picked and placed, with the author’s name and picture, on an internet site for everyone to see. If I was to just find a picture with no writing it would be different, pictures with no writing can be explained in any number of different ways (and the importance of that will become clear in future blogs), but pictures with quotes have to be created. The quotes have to be picked, they have to be recreated and they have to be saved. Somebody put those quotes on there on purpose, they were trying to portray a certain message. They present a snapshot of information, nothing more. So, if you want to talk about the context of these quotes, tough, you lost that avenue of complaint when you cherry pick what went on the picture in the first place.

No, to go through the meme sentence by sentence. I often focus on language used by feminist memes, and it’s for a very good reason. Part of my job is to teach students how to manipulate people using language techniques. These pictures are pure manipulation, they play on innate feelings of guilt and shame, they are designed to make you question yourself and, ultimately, use sentence structures that, on technical semantics alone, proves their points are true. But, by ignoring any over-emotional indulgence of their attempts to manipulate, they can be shown to be so very, very wrong.

Feminism has fought no wars. I couldn’t find any evidence to suggest otherwise, so, technically, Dale Spender is right, feminism has fought no wars. Unless, of course, you play around with the definition of ‘war’. Military combat is one thing, but ‘war’ now means so many things. I could easily say feminism has declared war on men. They achieve this through the use of false, unreliable statistics, shaming tactics, total refusal to accept crime stats that prove them wrong, using misogyny as a buzzword and generally being overbearing twats.

That’s all pretty much up for debate, we could argue about how apt the use of the word ‘war’ is in that context for days. What is not up for debate though is the fact that, during the First World War, feminists actively engaged in the White Feather campaigns, wherein the feminists and suffragettes of the time, including possibly the most famous feminist of all time, Emmeline Pankhurst, shamed men into joining the war by handing them a white feather if they weren’t in uniform. The implication being that any man with a white feather was a coward. While feminism was fighting for the vote, men who shared their inability to choose the government of their country were being forced to fight and die in the fields of France.

Feminism has fought no wars No, but it sure wasn’t bothered about shaming young men into dying in them!


It has killed no opponents – Again, that is possibly true. But why would they want to kill their opponents when they can shame young men into doing it for them?! There’s that privilege for you!

It has set up no concentration camps, starved no enemies, practiced no cruelties – Maybe feminism didn’t set up the concentration camps of World War II Germany, but it sure hasn’t been very vocal in condemning the hundreds of thousands of women who took part in the atrocities, and not because they were forced to by men, because they were evil bastards. I don’t remember any feminists ever bringing up that little nugget of information.

Let’s not get confused, I’m not saying the women who took part in the atrocities were all feminists, but feminism is for ‘equality’, yet they continue to let the world think that the holocaust was committed solely by men, while women were safely oppressed inside the home locked into the role of mother and child-carer.

It may not have set up the concentration camps, or starved any enemies or practiced any cruelties, but it certainly hasn’t been forthright in acknowledging the women who openly did do those things. For a movement that wants to draw attention to the problems women face, it would appear they are only interested in problems that make them out to be the victim, not the perpetrator. How very enlightened!


It’s battles have been for education,……..,


Education – more women now attend university than men. Feminists still claim more is needed.

For the vote  http://myword.blog.co.uk/2009/10/09/u-k-man-did-not-always-have-the-right-to-vote-7133021/

Feminism fought for the vote, conveniently ignoring the fact the men they were shaming into dying in the war at the time didn’t have the right to vote either. That little nugget of information gets swept under the carpet.

For better working conditions http://www.hse.gov.uk/statistics/fatals.htm

Workplace deaths still predominantly male. Don’t see any feminist campaigns about that.

For safety on the streets http://www.kswo.com/Global/story.asp?S=9247223

They don’t fight for safety of men from malicious, false allegations. Don’t see any feminist campaigns telling women ‘don’t make false rape allegations”.

For child care, for social welfare http://xfinity.comcast.net/blogs/tv/2013/10/24/jon-cryers-ex-wife-wants-more-money-to-protect-son-from-humiliation/

Men forced to pay stupidly high alimony and child support. Don’t see feminists complaining about that. Oh, wait, yes they did, once women started having to pay stupid amounts of alimony.

For rape crisis centres, women’s refuges  http://www.rapecrisis.org.uk/malerape2.php

‘Rape Crisis’ website plastered with images of women and states “Rape Crisis Centres that do not provide services for men or boys will be able to give you information about relevant support organisations.” What the fuck kind of rape crisis centre doesn’t provide for all victims of rape? Don’t see many feminists up in arms about that.

Reforms in the law. – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D3TtOpfWsFA

Law allows women to get men evicted from their home on nothing more than an accusation. Seems fair, no?!

If someone says, “Oh, I’m not a feminist”, I ask “Why? What’s your problem?”

My problem, is you!

They love to present themselves as an all conquering force for good. They did numerous good things for women over the years, they helped to drag them out of the oppressive regimes they were stuck in, they helped them get the vote, they got them out of the house and into universities, got them national help centres for when they get raped, got reforms in the law that gave them anonymity when accusing someone of rape.

What they haven’t done is addressed gender imbalances that negatively affect men, they let men bear the brunt of false rape and domestic violence allegations, they let the world think of men as the sole cause of all the strife and suffering of women, they let the world think that women are still oppressed and suppress anything that proves to the contrary, they get what they want and then claim it’s not enough. They fail to acknowledge the evil things that women have done throughout history, and when they rarely do acknowledge something, there is always, always a reason, an excuse, a sob story that flips the situation 180 and allows us to see the only reason the woman committed such atrocities is because they were acting in self defence, or were driven to it by a man. Victim complex 101.

Then, they have the temerity to say shit like Dale Spender says in this meme. They have the temerity to claim they are for equality, they are for equal rights, they fight for the rights of both men and women. Well I’m sorry if I don’t believe your pathetic, disease of a movement. Forgive me for not falling for your tactics; forgive me for giving a shit enough about equality (real equality) to actively oppose your movement. A movement for equality does not ignore statistics that don’t its cause, a movement for equality does not ignore victims that don’t fit in with its agenda, a movement for equality does not focus solely on the victimisation of one gender while ignoring everything else.

You ask what my problem is? I could well ask you the same question.

10 million men died in WWI, a lot of them couldn’t vote. A lot of them were there because of people like Emmeline Pankhurst. I’ll leave you with this image, a poignant reminder of how evil feminism can be:



Credit to Martinez Kemplovsky for the picture.

  1. FullyAwake says:

    If you’re a man – do not get married. Your wife and kids will suck the life from you. Read about herbivore men in Japan and MGTOW in the rest of the West. Men – woman are evil to the core. Do not underestimate the gravity of this warning. Woman are soul sucking leeches that will ruin your life. They may have pretty faces, but what lies beneath that pretty face will, without exception, ruin your life. Women are materialistic, narcissistic bots in search of an ATM (you).

    Time to wake up.

    • johnsalmon86 says:

      Whilst I agree that marriage has very few benefits anymore for men, I can’t agree with your sentiment that women are inherently evil. Women are no more evil than men, to tar women with the same brush feminists tar men with is not the point of this blog.

      I like the company of women, I do not wish to eradicate them from my life. I merely voice my concerns about a vast, invasive movement that is beginning to dominate the country I live in.

      • FullyAwake says:

        I like women, too. But you’re missing my point. You are indirectly supporting your own demise with your apathy and attraction. You like women = women are good. Every male has the same opinion. That’s exactly what you’re supposed to think. Get it? You’re driven by your penis, not by logic.

        “I merely voice my concerns about a vast, invasive movement that is beginning to dominate the country I live in.” Well – at least you’re starting to realize the ramifications. That’s positive.

        Feminism isn’t what you think, lad. Read more.

  2. FullyAwake says:

    Women don’t go to war to protect their rights. Instead, they send men, as proxies, to do horrifying acts against other men. Don’t get suckered into the ‘men are evil’ feminist propaganda. See their propaganda for what it is – propaganda. Women drive men to do terrible things, for their own ends. Men do evil at the behest of women. Why? Because men are attuned to the desires of women. For women, if men fall, it’s not great loss. There’s another sucker right behind him.

    All of society is build around the needs of women. Women know that men are biologically enslaved to them – and they’re milking men for everything they’re worth. That, dear sir, is exploitation.

    For every bad man, there are one hundred bad women.

    • johnsalmon86 says:

      Methinks you are preaching to the converted. Whilst I don’t share your extreme view, I’m not completely blind, and I am not lead by my penis. If you read this blog that should be abundantly clear. I am not lead by my penis, but I do not think all men are saints, in the same way I don’t think all women are evil.

      I am not going to start saying I think women are all that’s wrong with the world, I don’t, there are some pretty cuntish men around too, lets not forget that.

      My arguments lie with feminism as a movement that is trying to wiggle its way into every facet of society, even when it’s not wanted or needed. If you want to talk about the inherent evils of women, you’re on the wrong page.

      • FullyAwake says:

        I know you’re not led by your penis. I recognized that right off the bat. Nevertheless, you are naive. You have yet to deal with the reality of ‘relationships’.

    • FullyAwake says:

      And don’t be taken in by the so called “good girl”.

      Recently, a woman that I knew many years ago contacted me. At the time, I was young and taken in by her allure. She was married, so I took the ‘hands off’ approach. I would not take a women that was the wife of another man. She heralded herself as a “good girl”. That didn’t stop her from pursing me. Yet, I resisted her charms. When the divorce was final, we coupled. A few years later, we split.

      When we first met, I was without a clue and without assets, but I was young, dumb and full of cum. She saw potential in me that I hadn’t yet realized. She also smelled my naivete. She smelled future worth.

      Fast forward nearly two and a half decades later: Her marriage (of some twenty-two years) was on the rocks. Why? Her husbands lengthy commitments in the military. She was bored and unhappy with her marriage. Her husband was deemed disposable when she discovered that I was financially successful. She saw me as a bigger and better ATM than her current husband.

      What did I do? Life’s a funny thing. I realized what was happening and cut her out of my life. She was invoking the all too well accepted notion of hypergamy.

      This is what women do to men. They use them for their monetary value and then discard them in favor of more financially usable men. They see men as a ladder to their materialistic nirvana.

      Women want tall, handsome, moneyed men. The men that come between them and their ultimate male fantasy will be used to the extent possible and then disposed of in favor of the higher status, money earning male.

      It’s no wonder there’s an age old profession called prostitution. Prostitution and marriage are synonyms.

  3. FullyAwake says:

    The Play of Life:

    Scene One: Once upon a time, I loved someone dearly. She told me that she loved me, that we were family, and that I was her best friend.

    Scene Two: She told me that she never loved me. I later realized that I was nothing more to her than a trip to the ATM.

    Scene Three: Millions of men have been down the scene three road, John. Don’t be that dreaded idiot.

    I wish you a warrior’s life, John. Live your life as an honorable, worthwhile being. Share all of your life’s knowledge with those that might benefit. Finally, die a noble death.

    Take care of yourself, John. Thanks for the conversation.


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