My view on women: how exactly do I feel?

Posted: October 27, 2013 in Uncategorized

So, the next couple of blogs (hopefully I’ll get one up tonight (Sunday) and one tomorrow (Monday) will be about, you guessed it, feminism. Although, not as prominently about feminism as past blogs entries. This time, feminism has given me the starting point, and it’s made me think about something related, but not altogether encompassing feminism.

That is; what exactly is my attitude towards women and equality? I’ve made enough blogs on here about how rotten I think feminism is, but I’ve not really made any comments about women specifically. Feminism and women are two completely different ideas in my mind. I can hate feminism without hating women. I can hate feminists without hating women, in the same way that hating Leicester Tigers doesn’t mean I hate every rugby team.

Just to stick on that analogy for a moment, if you don’t like rugby or have no idea of the inner workings then this might fly over your head. Simply put, substitute rugby for any sport and every time I mention a law (we call them laws in rugby, not rules) that is broken, substitute it for a rule in your sport and you should be fine.

Anyway, Leicester Tigers are a very successful team, possibly the most successful professional English rugby team ever. They’ve won numerous premiership titles, numerous European titles, have players representing countries all over the world and are pretty much always in the top 4 of the table. Their influence is pretty huge, much like feminism. They also cheat. A lot. They also get away with a lot of cheating, simply because they’re Leicester. There are a lot of times when they’ve won games because referees haven’t penalised them when they should, or been overly harsh to the other team. They moan a lot when they don’t win, always finding an excuse to explain it away, anything than admit they were beaten by the better side.

Can you see what I’m getting at? Leicester are a huge team, very much a casual fan’s team. The mentality of ‘I don’t really watch a lot of rugby, but Leicester are a good team so I want them to win’ takes over. Much like feminism. I see similarities between the two. Lots of power, lots of influence over others, very successful, always around in the media, lots of controversy around some of their members, some lenient treatment when they transgress, people who believe what they say even if they don’t really know what they’re all about and, to cap it all off, the most one-eyed supporters in the entire country. Sound familiar?

But, here’s the caveat – Leicester Tigers are one team out of hundreds in the country. I hate one team out of hundreds, probably thousands of others. One team. Do you see where I’m coming from? If we take Leicester Tigers as an allegory for feminism, then the thousands of other teams that permeate the country represent the rest of women, and I have no problem with the other clubs. Sure, there are some amateur clubs out there that I don’t particularly care for, but they aren’t significant to make an impact on my or others’ lives.

The point of this blog is to highlight, after that long winded introduction, that I don’t hate women. I’m intelligent enough to separate my hatred for feminism and my feelings for women in general. I grew up with a mother (funnily enough) and a sister who were very strong-willed, very independent, very fiery and, you guessed it, not feminists. They’ve never needed to identify as feminists because they’ve never had a victim complex, they’ve gone out there and taken what they wanted, got where they wanted to be and to hell with anyone who had anything else to say.

The point of all this is, I came across this picture on Facebook:

It was posted by Women’s Rights News. I have the exact same problem with this as I did with Moose Allain’s Twitter post a few weeks ago (check previous blogs for that response) – it’s a completely ignorant statement to make. First of all, it’s using highly emotive, manipulative language. The implication is very clear – only feminists are for equality, therefore if you aren’t a feminist you must hate women. It’s presented in such a black and white way as to be completely counter-productive. It alienates those people who deliberately don’t identify with anything and places a label on them that they don’t wish to have. It also completely ignores the intricacies of its own movement. By claiming everyone who wants equality is a feminist it paints a sweeping brush over the entire idea of equality. It would be like me saying everyone who eats cod is a fish lover and there’s no two ways about it. Well excuse me, I hate salmon, that doesn’t mean I like cod any less, it just means my love for seafood isn’t all consuming.

I’m not a feminist because I disagree with what the movement is trying to do, not because I disagree with equality. In fact, it’s because I agree with equality that I don’t call myself a feminist. As I’ve said numerous times, feminism is a disease; it’s a corrupt movement that preaches ‘equality’ in the form of superiority.

Moose Allain said in his blog that nothing would ever stop him calling himself a feminist. Well, regardless of what other people say, or how arbitrarily they slap a label on me, I will never, ever identify as a feminist. You can call me one all you like, the truth of the matter is I’m not, I never will be and you can’t change that. Trying to shame me into identifying with a movement I detest will not work, using snide remarks to try and guilt me into identifying with a movement I detest will not work and trying to add an unequivocal slant to an entirely subjective movement will not convince me otherwise.

You only have to look at the comments on any picture that Women’s Rights News puts up to see just how subjective feminism is. Even the slightly sane feminists on that page are completely blind to the hypocrisies and untruths prevalent within a movement they so blindly support. Any time a comment is posted that highlights a hypocrisy, or an untruth or a blatant lie the feminists are straight on the defensive. It’s very rare they will actually address a counter-point that has been made, often they will come right out with the abuse.

Point is, I love women, I don’t see them as second class citizens, I see them as just as capable as men. They can be smart, they can be funny, they can be strong, they can be generous and kind and giving and loyal and loving and dependable, just like men. On the other hand they can be lying, manipulative, demeaning, sexist, bitchy, confrontational cunts, just like men. If we want true equality then that means I shouldn’t have to be weary every time I criticise a woman. Criticising a woman is not sexist, it’s a necessary part of life. If you go through life not expecting to get criticised and getting pissed off every time you do, well that’s called a victim complex. It insults hard working, smart women every time the feminists put forward the agendas of affirmative action and gender quotas. It insults all those women who don’t need help getting to the upper echelons of a company. Not only that, it insults the women who don’t want to follow that type of career. Where are the feminists demanding that more women stay at home to look after the children? They claim to be for equality, but they are just as damaging to women by implying that women need to be in CEO positions to be worth a damn to society. If a woman wants to stay at home and raise a child then what fucking business is it of the feminists to get involved? If 4 people go for a job interview and it just so happens that the one woman is shit compared to the three men, why should the company be made to hire her just to make the feminists happy? What does that achieve? Nothing, it undermines the company, it insults other hard working women who don’t, and shouldn’t, need the helping hand and it instantly harbours an environment of resentment. Everybody will know why that one woman got the job at the expense of someone better, but they can’t do anything about it, because not having enough women in management positions is inherently sexist, skills, aptitude and general suitability for the job role can go to hell.

I’m not a feminist because I believe if a woman wants to programme games or become an MP or be a CEO then she should be able to do so without the helping hand of a misguided campaign. It’s not going to be easy, but what do they expect, do they think the men get an easy ride just because they’re men, or did they suffer a little bit of hazing too? I know I did when I was training to be a teacher. They make it hard to test your resolve. If you go crying to your ‘sisters’ every time it gets a little bit hard, or go running to the courts because some dickhead men gave you a hard time about your heels then it possibly shows you weren’t up to the job in the first place.

I’m not a feminist because I do believe in gender equality. Claiming to be part of a movement that is for equality, and then conveniently ignoring all the hypocrisies that surround that movement, that cloud the true meaning, that only bog it down in a mire of confusion and uncertainty is blissful ignorance. That doesn’t help anyone. It doesn’t help the men that are constantly demonised by feminism, it doesn’t help the women that are falling into the perpetual victim trap that feminism is creating, it doesn’t help the person themselves when they will readily believe something that totally isn’t true, just because they want to believe it’s true.

I think that’s the real problem here. People believe in feminism because they want to believe it’s a force for good. They want to believe it really is for gender equality. They want to believe it’s the only force for women that’s worth a damn in the world.

I’m sorry, it’s not. If you can prove that feminism is truly for gender equality and doesn’t actually persecute people based on their gender, then I’ll consider labelling myself. But, judging from comments left on most posts by Women’s Rights News, that is, at the moment, something that is a long way off. Lowering yourself to nothing statements, trivial corrections of grammar and complete avoidance of anything resembling a cogent rebuttal is not a way to convince me that feminism is the force for good that you claim it to be.

In short, I hate feminism, I love women, I am not now, nor will I ever be a feminist, and nothing you can say will ever change that.

  1. Anon says:

    I was a bit confused with the description of women and relating it back to ‘just like men’. I don’t believe either gender encompasses certain traits specific to their gender i believe ‘people’ in general do. Other than that I see where you’re coming from, I have had to question feminism a lot this morning after having read hundreds of comments from women saying children are burdens. Upsets me that women think that way now.

    • johnsalmon86 says:

      Sorry if that was a tad confusing, I wasn’t trying to say that men inherently display those traits, or that are in any way gender specific, just that we often see men in terms of negativity, they are often seen as deceitful, lying, cheating scum whereas generally women are often seen as innocent, angelic beings. I was simply saying that women can also show these traits, the traits we generally attach to men, rather than trying to say that they display ‘manly’ traits.

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