Confession time – my name isn’t really John Salmon.

Posted: October 6, 2013 in Uncategorized

However, that is, so far, the only lie I have told in this blog. I am from England, I am 27, I am male and I am an English teacher. That’s all very vague, ambiguous knowledge. I don’t mind you knowing where I’m from as England has nearly 70 million inhabitants. I don’t mind you knowing my age or sex because I’m not the only 27 year old male in this country. I don’t mind you knowing my profession because I’m not the only 27 year old male English teacher in this country.

So why the secrecy? Why be vague about my life? Why only give out choice bits of information that could apply to any number of people?

Well, I honestly fear that if I were to open up and be truthful about who I am, publish my real name, real location and real place of work, the stuff I post here would lead me to lose my job. I work and live in a very femine, feminism controlled environment. I see it every day in my job and in my surroundings. With me being a teacher, it would only take one disgruntled feminist to see this blog, figure out who I was and where I work and kick up enough of a stink for me to be in serious trouble.

Criticising feminism is a big no-no. Especially considering I am responsible for educating the next generation. What horrible mistruths about women will I brainwash these kids into thinking. How will I demonise women and further develop the societal hatred and contempt for women? How can I implant more theories of rape culture and patriarchy into their fragile little minds? Never mind I see an absolute bucketload of institutionalised misandry every day, criticising women is off-limits.

This blog and the Facebook page it’s connected to have been created as a way of me dealing with my frustrations at the society I live in without fear of someone complaining and making my life hell. It might be completely unnecessary, I should probably have more faith in the society I live in that I can hold the views I hold and not be persecuted because of them. Unfortunately, from the evidence I’ve seen, I’m not will to take that risk. I love my job, I would hate to lose it because some good-two-shoes jobsworth nobody got their pants in a bunch and decided to scream misogyny!

The problem is, wider society still believes anti-feminist = anti-woman, which is absolutely ludicrous. It shows the level of ignorance around the feminist movement in general, even from self-identified feminists, who fail to see the toxic stench that pervades their movement. If you aren’t a feminist, you’re scum. It doesn’t matter how valid your reasons, or how well put forward your arguments are, anti-feminism automatically equals scumbag.

It’s for this reason I don’t identify myself as an anti-feminist. Say those two magic words and nobody gives you the time of day. Feminism is so ingrained in this country, whether we like to believe it or not, that a woman only has to mention the words ‘misogyny’ or ‘sexism’ and there’s a shrill army waiting to back her up, baying for the blood of whoever has made such callous remarks, regardless of whether they actually bear any truth or logic.

Just to state my case in a calm, rational, logical manner – I do not believe feminism is needed in 2013. This is because of several reasons. There’s no order to these reasons, they all count as strongly as each other.

Feminists absolutely love to perpetuate false statistics. Domestic violence statistics, rape statistics, sexual assault statistics, sexual harassment statistics, the wage gap statistics, etc, etc. This infuriates me for two reasons. One, they are completely out of date, often over 2 decades old, and debunked several times since their original publication, yet still the feminists insist on recalling them every time they’re needed. Two, people still believe this shit! That’s the real killer, peddling false statistics is one thing, but it’s the brainless morons who soak it up as if it’s gospel that are the ones who are constantly allowing feminism the platform to keep their agenda going.

They embody the ‘have their cake and eat it too’ philosophy. They are absolutely desperate for women to break into every aspect of society, particularly top management jobs and politics. They completely disregard any reasoning behind the lack of women in these positions (you know, things like personal choice) and scream for things like all women shortlists and management position quotas. Then, when there aren’t enough women to accommodate their wishes, you know, because there aren’t enough women who choose to go into these professions, they scream misogyny, and people listen!

A prime example of this philosophy is the attitude towards Girl Guides and Boy Scouts. Set up in the early 1900s as girl and boy-only groups, the Scouts now must accept girls. Initially this was only girls between 15 and 20, a rule passed in the 70s but, since 2005 it is compulsory for all scout groups to admit all age girls. Is there a similar ruling for the Girl Guides to admit boys? Of course not. The reason for the change in rules – girls wanted to do more of the outdoor activities the scouts did, instead of the ‘feminine’ activities the guides did. So, instead of fighting to get the attitude in Girl Guiding changed, and having more action oriented activities in which girls can compete in a single-sex environment, they infiltrate the Scout movement. And guess what happened, that’s right, numbers of boys plummeted and girls rocketed. So basically, girls must be allowed to join in with the boys because excluding them is sexist, but they still need their own single-sex groups so that girls don’t feel threatened. It’s pathetic.

Another example is the Race for Life. Feminists scream that women aren’t allowed to be members of some golf clubs, claiming that the patriarchal ‘boys club’ of golf is misogynistic and discriminatory, yet they are perfectly fine with excluding males from a charity race that raises money for cancer. Cancer that, the advert clearly states, affects everyone. The website states men can still participate by watching and cheering on the racers, but that’s such bullshit. The Race for Life claims they want women to be able to race in a safe, relaxed environment. Well, if you’re going to allow men to watch, why the fuck would you stop them from competing? There was a male-only race called The Bobby Moore Race for Cancer, but it was so poorly funded and advertised that it no longer happens. That’s some equality you’ve got there.

Feminists want safer environments for women and girls to just be women and girls, but absolutely under no circumstances do they want to allow boys to have a space where they can just be boys.

They suppress statistics that do not fit in with their agenda, all while peddling the false, inflated statistics mentioned above. Female on female rape, female on male rape, military rape, prison rape, workplace deaths, suicide rates, alimony payments, custody settlements, false rape statistics. All things that feminists don’t give a shit about, that are so far off their radar that they don’t even exist. They’re so busy convincing the world of their oppression they are completely unaware or unwilling to accept that they are doing more damage than good. By suppressing or completely ignoring real statistics they are creating a state of perpetual victimhood that women are easily falling in to. By claiming things like false rape allegations happen so rarely as to be unworthy of mention they are allowing the women who do claim rape falsely to get away with their nefarious schemes. The evidence is there for all to see, either people are afraid of raising this and being shamed in public, or they are unwilling to believe anything other than what the feminists are telling them.

I’ll admit, I fall in to the former. There are so few people that actually see the truth that, if I were to raise these points, I’d be fighting a battle all on my own, against a shit-ton of people.

The response will be – what does it matter if the stats are slightly off, isn’t the fact it’s happening at all something that’s worth recognising? My answer – no, because by inflating the true statistics and making it out to be worse than it is you not only demonise an entire gender, my gender, but you create a perpetual state of victimhood and fear mongering among women who readily believe this shit. By peddling these false statistics, ones that only serve your agenda you pigeonhole all the crimes that help balance out the world. You aren’t presenting a realistic view of the troubles faced by women, you’re presenting a twisted, distorted view of what you believe the world to be. You are turning women against men, who are, in return, turning against women.

You are destroying the family, you’re destabilising the workplace, you’re engendering distrust in society and you’re twisting statistics to fit your own rotten, stinking, corrupt agenda. Worse still, you claim to be a movement for women, yet you lambast women who choose to stay at home and be mothers, you preach that real women, the ones who are worth a damn, are ones who want a career and aren’t chained by the ‘duties’ of being a mother. You claim to be for men’s rights too. In order to do this, you remind us of how we are animals, wife-beaters, child-molesters, potential rapists and shameful beings who, if they were us, would cut our penises off to spare the world any more suffering.

I realise not all feminists are like that, I realise some feminists do want some real form of equality. But it’s getting harder to find these kinds of feminists, the ones who are ready and willing to admit women have flaws, just like the rest of us, that women are not always the victim, that women can be just as callous and evil as men. I’m not saying women don’t suffer prejudice and sexism. They do. But to make out that their suffering and ‘oppression’ is worse than anyone elses by the use of false statistics, fear mongering and systemic deconstruction and demolition of male sexuality is a scummy thing to do.

So there you have it, clear as day. Some of the, many, reasons I don’t claim to be a feminist, and never will do. Perhaps, in the future, I’ll do another blog on some more reasons, but I’ve already rambled on enough for one entry.

I’m for women’s rights, as I am for men’s rights. Just because I am for women’s rights, does not automatically make me a feminist. It doesn’t now, and it never will. Nothing you say will ever, ever change that.


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