Why @MooseAllain is wrong about opposing feminism!

Posted: October 1, 2013 in Uncategorized

As a 27 year-old man, it should probably come as no surprise that I’m signed up to Twitter. I have nearly 1500 tweets and, honestly, there are very few that I even remember. A lot of retweets and replies to others make up the bulk of that nearly 1500. Most of the tweets I do post are about rugby. The main reason I use Twitter is because it’s really good to follow other people and get little insights into their lives. I’ll admit, it’s mainly celebrities (rugby players past and present, comic book writers, musicians, wrestlers) whose opinion I actually value. But there are some comedic profiles I follow as well.

One such profile is @MooseAllain, who was recommended by another twitter user on the Follow Friday hashtag. I thought I’d give it a go and followed him. Now, as it turns out, Moose Allain isn’t a particularly funny profile at all, but I still couldn’t be bothered to unfollow him as, although I didn’t find him funny, I didn’t particularly find him offensive either, and he wasn’t clogging up my timeline with inane drivel like some others I had to unfollow.

But then, today (October 1st) he posted this: http://mooseallain.wordpress.com/2013/10/01/i-am-a-feminist/

Now, anybody who has read this blog (all 6 of you) have probably noticed that I am no fan of feminism. While I wouldn’t go as far as to label myself anti-feminist I definitely have no time for feminism in 2013. I’ve no problem with people who do, it’s their choice whether they want to follow it or not. What I do object to is the idea that simply because I don’t agree with feminism that makes my beliefs inherently wrong.

This is where Moose Allain has got it spectacularly wrong. I will break this down paragraph by paragraph and explain why I think he’s a patronising idiot.

I may not be your kind of feminist. I may not be the right kind of feminist. I may not be a good enough feminist because I am a human and full of failings. But I am a feminist. And there’s nothing you can do about that. I will always be a feminist and I will raise my sons as feminists.

Right from the bat he immediately, probably without even knowing it, raises one of the main points that leads me to steer away from feminism – I may not be the right kind of feminist. What does that actually mean? The right kind of feminist? If he doesn’t know if he’s the right kind of feminist, then how can he even claim to be a feminist? Surely the whole point of belonging to a movement is knowing what exactly you’re fighting for? If he’s not sure if he’s ‘the right kind of feminist’ then why does he even associate with a movement who’s aims are so unclear?

I think feminism is really important. Every day you can see the shit women have to put up with and you may come to the conclusion that people need to change their attitudes. Men have to put up with shit too, but it’s different shit. I’m talking about the shit women have to put with.

Another feminist tactic – men suffer too, but not as badly as women. Such an ignorant, blind way to look at the world. If feminism claims to help men as well, then why does he equate his style of feminism with solely focusing on the shit women have to put up with? Notice how there’s a distinct lack of specific shit. Like, what shit exactly do women have to put up with? And why is it so different and, ultimately, more important than the shit men have to put up with?

I believe there is a line. If you are on one side of it you are in favour of feminism, if you are on the other side of it you are not. I think if I want to change things it’s probably better to concentrate my efforts on those who oppose feminism, rather than those who support it, however flawed they are. Changing those who oppose it is a big job – a very big job and it still needs lots of work. So I find it really depressing and exasperating when I see people who are all basically on the same side fighting against each other. How those who oppose feminism must enjoy that spectacle!

I’ve italicised the bits that really piss me off here. First of all, what an arrogant assumption that he is capable of changing the way people who oppose feminism think. How arrogant to assume that we are not completely aware of what we believe in, but are somehow troglodytes who are unaware how feminism is the only way to think when it comes to women’s rights. That somehow the only reason we oppose feminism is because we are unenlightened, and he has appointed himself as Grand Master of Enlightenment in order to free our tiny, fragile minds from the barbaric, misogynistic view we have of the world.

Then, to make matters worse, he completely fails to apply any reasoning and rational thought as to why we may oppose feminism in the ways we do. Instead of asking for opinions or doing research on an ideology he himself admits he finds confusing, he automatically makes the lazy, ignorant assumption that anti-feminist = anti-woman and that it is a mind-set that requires changing. A ‘job’ that requires ‘lots of work’.

I wish people would direct their energies to where the struggle is needed.
I am fairly certain I will derided for these words, I will be disowned. Who needs my views, what do they matter?
But I am on the right side of the line.
I am a feminist, I will always be a feminist, I will raise my sons as feminists and you will not change that.

Direct their energies to where the struggle is needed? What struggle, and where exactly? Another wild assumption that comes from his own self-important mind and bears no relevance to reality.
Why is he certain his words will be derided? Does he actually fear the movement he claims he is part of? Why does he think that? He questions the need for his views to be heard, yet in the opening paragraphs he claims feminism is important and will always be needed. Which is it? Do you believe in the movement you’re part of and feel its word needs to be spread, or do you see it as a divisive movement that only picks and chooses who can be part of it and whose opinion matters?

Then, after all that, he claims the moral high ground of being ‘on the right side of the line’. A side that is beset by confusion and division, by his own words. Who wants to be a part of that?
You can always be a feminist, you can raise your sons as feminists, do whatever you like, it’s your life. But don’t assume, from your narrow world view and morally shaky opinions, that we who oppose feminism are ones who need changing, who need saving from our own world view. Don’t assume we don’t know what we’re doing by supporting a movement the same way you support yours, and don’t project your own confusion about a movement you so desperately want to be part of onto our movement that we fully understand and appreciate.

This needs to be clear – anti-feminism does not equal anti-woman. I love women, I’m desperately in love with a woman who I used to work with, and have been for a while (sad, I know). I do not think women are lesser beings, or second class citizens, or objects. I believe in equal rights, equal opportunities and equal societal status which, by and large, we have today (especially in the United Kingdom). That does not automatically make me a feminist, and it never will.

Moose Allain, if you want to be known as a feminist forever, if you claim I will never change that then bravo, I have absolutely no beef with you. But don’t you dare think I am confused in my views. Don’t you dare claim to be so at one with your beliefs that they can’t be changed, and then attempt to change me of mine because I don’t share your opinion. How hypocritical.

Moose Allain – if you would like to know why I don’t deem myself a feminist, and never will, then please ask. You might just be surprised at my answer. Needless to say, I no longer follow @MooseAllain.


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