Clearing up some confusion.

Posted: August 28, 2013 in Uncategorized

Post number 2, and I already feel I should clear some stuff up.


As it says in the ‘about me’ box, I’m from England, I live and work in England, so most of these entries are going to be talking about my life in England. I had a comment on my previous blog entry on Dr Phil that linked to another blog about sexual violence.

Having read through the entry I was linked to, I couldn’t make out where the blogger came from, and couldn’t find any information of the sort. I will assume it’s an American blog as they spoke of American cases. Obviously I can’t comment on what’s happening in American society as I don’t live there. The Dr Phil tweet was from an American TV show, but it had enough media attention over here for me to write about it.

Just to clear up, anything in future entries will deal specifically with English (and the wider UK) issues unless stated otherwise.

Sorry for any confusion.


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